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For One of the biggest manufacturer in Turkey Kuzeyboru you can click this link for the catalog. Also if your requests for technical information and special projects that are not included in our catalog custom you can reach us by telephone our Contact page, email or live you can benefit from the support line.

This site is located in the technical details of a product made of a group of plastic pipe.The product or project in detail for the products you’re interested in certification to the standard product documentation, and analysis of documents such as certificate ISO certificate plastic pipe manufacturer Kuzeyboru. Production and quality standards in its range with the breadth of products, we are proud to support in every regard.

Manufacturer of Pipes in Turkey
Kuzeyboru established in 2001, young and experienced staff with a company that has taken on a significant place in the global market. Our company holds many international certificates.
Our main quality tests, internal pressure test, Density test, tensile test,tensile test, battery test, Impact test, hardness test ring RIM, transform and test and water absorption tests.

Hdpe Pipe –  Drainage Systems –  Pvc Pipe Here


HDPE Pipes

HDPE pipes and HDPE fittings are high density polyethylene produced from raw material  municipal, industrial, Maritime issues, mining, storage, channel, and agricultural practices such as the large solution in the range are used. HDPE pipe is strong, durable, flexible and lightweight. Unique features and cost in terms of concrete, steel, Pvc pipe, HDPE pipes and HDPE fittings are  the best options according to application.

Drinking water, compressed gas systems, sewage pipe systems, irrigation and landscaping pipes ,telekomination pipes , storage , channel, which most widely used in the field of Agriculture and pipes high density polyethylene pipes, corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance to a high resistance.


Drainage Pipes

Drainage pipes and Spiral corrugated pipe in sewage systems has high resistance to the resistance against abrasion and chemical show, storm water drainage lines, used in industrial waste water systems and handling systems.

HDPE Corrugated Drainage Pipes are lightweight and with a heavy force against shocks and equipment which require durability. Lightweight and long lasting durability with a heavy force against shocks and equipment which is required. And non-deformed due to be hdpe flexible corrugated pipes are also very important in terms of utilization of advantages.


PVC Pipes

PVC Pipe in TS 274-2 at EN 1452-2 standards produced on request PVC water pipes DIN 8061-8062 in various diameter and PVC Pipes with Muff and Rubber Ring and And PVC Pipe with glue ASTM 1477 standard, it can be produced in the appropriate thickness according to the safety factor.

PVC Pipes can be used the sewage network in the discharge lines and pool systems with PVC Pipe, underground and over-pressure water transport systems, irrigation systems, pressurized water networks, Used in electrical and communication systems, chemical and industrial plants, sewage, waste water and waste materials are used in the discharge system.



Telecommunication Pipes are being used more by communicating every day we think it will further advance the technology for many years and meet all international standards Corrugated Cable Protection Pipes TS EN 12132 standards that will be in our lives as Telecommunication Pipes.

Corrugated Telecommunication Pipes manufactured according to customer’s request the production of cable casing pipes and HDPE cable casing as straight or coils. Cable Casing Pipes – Corrugated Telecommunication Pipes ; high strength, high abrasion resistance and high chemical resistance, impact and realizes abrasion resistance.


Perforated Pipes

A couple of perforated pipes, consists of product types. Two perforated and slotted pipes as a group according to area of use can be produced. HDPE and PVC are Manufactured from raw materials, perforated pipes in terms of use and the details of the project by considering engineering calculations can be made and the amount of holes and the diameter of the hole of the slit width can be produced according to variables such as the amount.Perforeated pipe under the ground has a long life and For PVC drainage pipe light areas are preferred because it more simply provides ease of laying. It is also economical as it provides the convenience of a projects cost. Ease of flooring.


Corrugated Spiral Pipes

Corrugated Spiral Pipes -Corrugated HDPE pipes – Large Diameter Corrugated pipes produced from 200mm to 2600 mm nominal diameter as SN12,5 SN16 and SN10 SN4 SN8 ring stiffness values. Corrugated Spiral Large Diamater Pipes due to the high strength over the strength of the ribs and polyethylene corrosion resistance shows complete sealing.

Spiral Corrugated Pipes; Application infrastructure, irrigation systems, sewerage lines, household connections, storm water and industrial applications, has a wide network such as drainage systems and treatment plants.

What are the advantages of HDPE pipes?

HDPE Pipes; It preserves the general properties of the fluids passing through it. It can be easily used in drinking water systems as it does not hold any algae on its inner surfaces. Due to its chemical properties, it has high resistance to chemicals.

How is the Calculation of Hdpe Pipe Weight and Technical Information done?

In HDPE pipe weight calculation, hdpe pipe weight is determined by multiplying the hollow cylinder volume calculation with the hdpe pipe density. Please contact for more information.

What are the external factors affecting the pipes used in drinking water?

Working conditions, temperature, pressure and fluid properties in HDPE pipes, chemical structure of HDPE raw material, joining conditions applied during PE 100 pipe laying affect the lifetime of the pipes.

What should be considered when storing HDPE pipes?

Precautions should be taken against clutter and the recommended height should be 1 meter.
Straight pipes should be arranged horizontally in a row and should not stand at an angle between the bottom row and the top row. With the side supports, the pipes should be prevented from slipping.

What should be considered in the transportation of HDPE pipes?

Hdpe pipes kept at freezing point or lower temperature become weaker against impacts. For this reason, pipes should not be dropped, dragged quickly on the ground, and should not be hit.

Hdpe Pipe Price List

Please contact us to find out the most suitable hdpe pipe price for your project. Let us offer you the most suitable solution. Please email for Hdpe Pipe catalogue. Call us to get the best hdpe pipe.


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2021 Plastic Pipe & Fittings Price List

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