Perforated Pipe Solutions

Large diameter HDPE perforated corrugated drainage pipes and perforated according to the desired shape kuzeyboru manufactures.  Sometimes in transporting waste gases that created by our engineers some time drying the swamp from time to time, carrying capacities are calculated and drainage works that are required for the optimum solutions for our customers special products are manufactured. The corrugated pipe 100 -150 mm before mm-200 mm-300 mm-400 mm 450 mm 500 mm 600 mm 700 mm 800 mm 900 mm-1000 mm-1200 mm-1400 mm-1600 mm hole diameter perforated HDPE pipe in diameters up to 110-125-140-160-200-280-315-355-400-450-500-560-630 mm in diameter and perforated pipes  according to the carrying capacity of all kinds of manufactures.