Big Diameter Perforated Drainage Projects

Perforated Pipe Solutions Large diameter HDPE perforated corrugated drainage pipes and perforated according to the desired shape kuzeyboru manufactures. ┬áSometimes in transporting waste gases that created by our engineers some time drying the swamp from time to time, carrying capacities are calculated and drainage works that are required for the optimum solutions for our customers […]

HDPE Pipe for Welding Service

Pipe Welding Service Kuzeyboru is certified, it took ┬áyears of manufacturing and project staff gained experience with solutions, to help our customers. Any special project, iller Bank projects, Special Administrative projects, municipal projects, plastic pipe welding and other public agency and any special applications you can take advantage of our service by calling us. Our […]

Water Meter Set Box

Water Meter Box Developed by our company, we continue to create solutions for our clients with stainless steel and plastic meter boxes underground. We have developed high strength shatterproof glass cabinet in the meter box with a field in the form of our ability while giving the meter reading; or IEC 529, VDE 0470 Part […]

What is PVC?

What ─▒s PVC? PVC is the abbreviation of the term polyvinyl chloride. It is a derivative of PVC plastic, which is a kind of petrochemical product. And it appears in many areas of our lives. As understood from terms such as window, pipe, coating, it is used in a wide range. What ─▒s PVC Pressure […]

What are the quality tests performed on Hdpe pipes?

What are the qual─▒ty tests performed on Hdpe p─▒pes? Hdpe, There are standards that are determined from the beginning to the end of Hdpe pipe production and which must be applied. And these tests are applied. PE 100 pipes can only be shipped and transported after these tests. The quality tests performed on HDPE pipes […]

How to calculate the weight and technical information of Pe 100 Pipe?

How to calculate the we─▒ght and techn─▒cal ─▒nformat─▒on of Pe 100 P─▒pe? Pe 100 pipe┬áweight is calculated by multiplying the hollow cylinder volume calculation with the Hdpe pipe density in calculating the┬ápe100 pipe weight. Due to the heat treatment of PE 100 pipe during the production phase, it exhibits expansion properties, so it is necessary […]

What are HDPE EF Fittings?

What are HDPE EF F─▒tt─▒ngs? Tools that help connect HDPE pipes together are called HDPE fittings. HDPE pipes used in many different areas need HDPE fittings to expand over time or have several different outlets. Additional parts increase the strength of the pipes and provide long life. Easily installed fittings help save money. What are […]

What is the butt welding method?

What ─▒s the butt weld─▒ng method? Butt Welding method; It is one of the most widely used joining methods for joining polyethylene pipes┬áand fittings. It is made by heating the two ends of the pipes to be welded, putting them under pressure and pushing them towards each other.Pipes with a diameter of up to 1200 […]

What are the hdpe pipes methods of joining or fittings?

hdpe p─▒pes methods of jo─▒n─▒ng or f─▒tt─▒ngs Hdpe pipe joining methods are connected to each other by melting or with mechanical fittings. For pipes other than polyethylene, various fittings, flanges or transition adapters developed for the purpose can be connected. Known bonding methods for┬áPE materials; 1) Electrofusion (EF), 2) Butt-fusion (Butt Weld) 3) Socket Weld […]

What are the advantages of HDPE Pipe?

What are the advantages of HDPE P─▒pe? Having a history of 60 years, HDPE pipe have been positively affected by the technological developments it has undergone until today and have become one of the most preferred pipes of today. HDPE Pipe; It preserves the general properties of the fluids passing through it. It can be […]