Cable ProtectIon corrugated PIpes

Corrugated Cable Protection Pipes, today, the rapidly developing technology with infrastructure to the density and performance is needed. Corrugated pipe is a pipe of the infrastructure Cable Storage systems for this rapidly evolving communication and data transfer. Corrugated cable has been Produced according to TS EN 50086 standards single, dual or three eyes, which can be provided with additional and complementary elements multiplexer parts. Made of high density polyethylene corrugated cable is resistant to environmental conditions and subterranean applications and flexible.

Corrugated pipes for cable protection, because corrugated cable is portable and lightweight flooring is easy. Corrugated cable protection pipes are economical and can be easily combined with additional clutches are made of polyethylene. Corrugated cable protection pipes, the communication industry, Broadband and provides excellent performance for the protection of coaxial cable, cable enables the extension of the said business life.

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Properties of Corrugated Cable Protection Pipes

– Cable Protection Corrugated pipes while ensuring the transmission of information and energy that today’s technology has to offer uninterrupted service. Storage Cable particular corrugated pipes, which will overlap when passing through cable carrying loads lose their elasticity will cause compression in Corrugated cable. During the change of the cable that comes with the more powerful emerging technology that collapsed the existing cable will not allow it. Corrugated cable conduits in the housing so that after the first stage will be in the period until the laying step testing procedure and be controlled in a way that high level controls Corrugated cable. Other properties are as follows;
– Transportation and installation is easy because it is lightweight on Cable Protection Corrugated pipes.
– Casing of Corrugated cable pipes is economical.
– Corrugated Cable Pipes  has a high compressive strength.
– Corrugated Cable Casing Pipes has a sealing property.
–  Corrugated cable Compared with other cable casing and light weight, ease of installation,double wall corrugated cable pipes with many advantages such as economic casing that is the most appropriate solution.

The elasticity of the pipes, corrugated pipes, one of which is high. For this reason, corrugated pipes, which are not affected by ground movement shows high resistance against shocks. One of the problems frequently encountered in underground applications in terms of being a landslide , earthquake , exposure to impact, for reasons such as corrugated pipes without any problems using the flexibility maintains itself without breaking. Distributes the load uniformly corrugated pipes should try to squeeze in between two points on top. Shock-absorbing property, corrugated pipes and pull themselves together again in the aftermath of the coup, they become like a pillow. For this reason, the ground work of the indispensable components of the soil to retain the application of corrugated HDPE pipes Cable, the most preferred product.


Corrugated Cable Protection Pipes Price List

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