Corrugated Pipes and Specifications

Corrugated Pipes are pipes with a serrated outer surface that have been used in the leading countries of the world for many years and come to the fore with their performance and quality.
Corrugated Pipes, produced according to EN 13476-1 and DIN 16961-16566 standards, are used extensively in many projects today.
Corrugated pipes, which are generally preferred for the transportation of waste water and sewage, are also very preferred due to their economy.
Corrugated Pipes are one of the most important features with their resistance to chemicals, our pipe is resistant to abrasion and has high chemical resistance.


Corrugated Pipes Application Area

Corrugated pipes are the best solution for your projects with their wide usage area. It can be used safely in irrigation systems, rainwater projects, sewer lines. Corrugated Pipes is the most preferred product in industrial applications, treatment systems, water transport and drainage projects.

Features of Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated Pipes provides a lifetime guarantee of 100 years with its high strength and resistance to corrosion. It provides ease of laying with its full impermeability, high wear resistance, smooth interior surface and easy portability.
Corrugated pipes are light and easily transported up to a certain diameter with special equipment and manpower.
Corrugated Pipes, which have easy joining methods, provide repair and maintenance convenience. Corrugated pipes, which are not affected by environmental conditions, can be used easily for many years. It will add value to your projects with economic, easy to transport, labor and time savings.

Corrugated Pipes Advantages

Corrugated Pipe is more durable and high quality with its spiral structure. It does not form residues and residues with its low coefficient of friction. It shows high strength against impact resistance. It does not form residue and residue. It saves time with its easy joining method. It is not affected by UV rays. It shows high resistance to abrasion due to its internal structure.
Easy to transport and fast installation is its most important advantage. It provides advantages to your projects with its many advantages such as low cost and easy installation.

Corrugated Pipes Fittings

Corrugated Elbow 90″

Corrugated Tee 45″

Corrugated Elbow 90

Corrugated Sleeve

Corrugated TE

Corrugated Reduction Socketed

Corrugated Muffle TE

Corrugated Pipes Price List

With its wide usage area, special solutions for your projects and many advantages, Corrugated Pipes carry you safely to the future with its 100-year lifetime. To get Corrugated Pipe prices, you can contact live chat. You can return to us as a message.


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