Drainage pipes used for many years in the leading European countries, the US and Japan; having a high compressive strength and are serrated outer tube having rounded appearance. EN 13476-1 and DIN 16961-16566 made according to standard drainage pipe production along with developing technologies in all new projects now being used intensively. Twin Wall corrugated drainage pipe  usually are used to transport the waste water and sewage is one of the biggest reasons for preferring the high strength and economy. Rib system on the outer surface of the corrugated pipe is used to improve resistance to external pressure pipe. Referring to other plastic pipes chemical resistance is one of the most important characteristics of corrugated tubes, our pipe is resistant to abrasion and high chemical resistance.

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Drainage Pipe Application Area

  • Infrastructure application
  • In the irrigation system
  • Sewer lines and residential connections
  • Rainwater
  • Industrial Applications
  • Drainage systems
  • Treatment plants
  • Gravity is used in water transport system.

Drainage Pipe; high strength due to the high rib strength, the corrosion resistance due to polyethylene, the full sealing, 50-year life, wear-resistant organic composition, smooth inner surface, easily transportable and are pipes laid in a short time.
If we examine substances;
Drainage Pipe Provides excellent resistance to high resistance abrasion and chemicals.
Thanks to exterior design and ribs which are resistant to heavy loads. Drainage Pipe Impact is a tube with the highest strength against load and ground movement.
Liquefaction of the soil beneath the underground water pipes, known in history against the resulting strain and stress is the strength of the pipe.
Drainage pipes are lightweight, easily transportable because of this structure is no need for special equipment and manpower, with up to a certain diameter.
Drainage Pipe it has an Easy bonding method, they are conjugating the vet to muffle the gasket sealing sleeve.
Drainage Pipe has a sealing up to 0.5 bar pressure.
Drainage Pipe provides repair and maintenance.
Interior surfaces can be produced in any color.
Drainage pipes feature should fulfill its function for many years without being affected by environmental conditions.
Polyethylene is one of the most important feature; Corrugated drainage pipe land is flexible to move even against earthquakes.
They remain wear is dominant against chemical raw material.
Friction losses are minimized and will not corrode.
Corrugated plastic pipe is economical; transportation, labor and time savings due to years of life can continue to seamlessly twin wall corrugated drainage pipe have been an economical and indispensable option.


Advantages of Drainage Pipes

Drainage Pipe of fabricaton and spiral wound structure because drainage pipe provides more durable and high quality production. Due to the smooth flow rate for the high corrugated pipes allows the transmission fluid in the smaller pipe diameter.

Drainage Pipes Technical Table

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Corrugated Drainage Pipe Handling and Transportation

Drainage pipes is lightweight and easy to be moved at the same time be resistant to shocks to most important cases in transportation and warehousing. Therefore there is no leakage during transportation and storage to the process is not mentioned. Putting because twin wall drainage pipe is intertwined with the light can be storage and shipping.
-Other Of potential problems to live in one of the pipes in the storage area cleaning is important  Drainage Pipes. Sharp stones and should be free of rocks in the stock area.
In -Shipping tool should not still be kept clean and sharp stones and hard objects. During the transport process it should not be covered with hard objects.   Drainage pipes as the sun’s rays should be kept in an low and maintained environment  even in areas covered possible. Possible to make long-term storage in such an environment.
Drainage Pipes in a completely closed environment and warm weather should not be kept for longer term. Be careful not to muffle the bell on the part of the pipe during storage. Stacking because they are flammable raw materials should be observed while performing safety regulations. Shipping time increased with altitude during installation tool especially made excessive stretching should be avoided while connecting to damage the pipe. Which will be held in the transport and construction equipment should not be used suspension rope sharp.
– If the installation is done with folklift if your feet should be kept high. Should not be hit hardly.
Pipes should not be rigid while transferring it from one place to other. Infact it should be rolled on the ground so that it does not get affected.

Drainage Joining Methods​

The methods used in the bonding process of the corrugated drainage pipe:
– Muffle Sealed
– Sealed Sleeve
– Electrofusion Welding is Method.
Sealing method, by fitting the groove on the outer surface of pipe joints is a method by treating the appropriate inserts.

Electrofusion Welding Method According to the diameter and length of each different, some will be merged with the pipe made of polyethylene tape coated with EF and EF is implemented using copper wire welding machine. Centering on the inside with a piece of pipe to be made in fixing the merge process is ready to EFE sources. Belt use EF to clean the surface of the pipes will be welded later before proceeding with the winding process is performed and the ribs are fixed to the pipe and coupling place between them via a special apparatus. After allowed to cool EF supply corrugated pipes. With regard to sealing the welded manually required machine from the pipe inner surface. Thus, the seal is eliminated danger. Another important note regarding the EF welding; The settings of the EF welding machine according to the pipe diameter. Thus, the seal is eliminated danger. Another important note regarding the EF welding; The settings of the EF welding machine according to the pipe diameter. This coupling method is normally used in making corrugated drainage pipe used even at 4 bar under pressure of 0.5 bar. Thus, the increase in pressure encountered in rainfall has turned into flood without damage from leaking pipes and welds will continue to work.

Drainage Pipe
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