Hdpe Butt Fusion Fittings

Today, with the developing technology, the use of polyethylene pipes and additional parts, which take an important role in water transport has also increased. PE100 pipe and fittings potable water, sea water desalination plants, marine outfall lines, gravity-flow water, gas plants, compressed air lines, cooling-heating,such as sewer lines has a wide use. Application of HDPE EF fittings and transport costs are low, which is used in many projects and will continue to be used in the world again.


HDPE Flange Adabter

Hdpe Flange Adapters, PE100 pipes and steel products used in the connections of an insertion flange partHdpe Flange Adapters flange screw suction valve steel and other steel made in connection with fire hydrants and the connection is a software that allows. dredging and outfall pipe or stick it in applications that gives you the possibility of piping can be fitted. The injection method combined with HDPE flange adapters.


HDPE Spigot Reducer

Spigot reducer HDPE fittings welding method and the welding method is combined with the EF. Our products are used on projects large diameter pipes and small-diameter pipes for the passage of the lines serves as a reducer on the project. For more information you can mail us on


HDPE Spigot End Cap

EF PE100 raw material is produced from a Te equal to the insertion part. all three ends of the same diameter, are manufactured in accordance with the assembly method elektrofusion.Te EF equal to each other and at right angles to that need to connect HDPE pipes are used in main line out Dec. at the same time is used for valve and branch connections.


HDPE Spigot Inequal Tee

Spigo fittings, HDPE welding method and the welding method is combined with the EF. Our products are widely used in valve and main line connections and branch out on projects and Dec are used for. For more information you can mail us on