Hdpe EF Fittings

Today, with the developing technology, the use of polyethylene pipes and additional parts, which take an important role in water transport has also increased. PE100 pipe and fittings potable water, sea water desalination plants, marine outfall lines, gravity-flow water, gas plants, compressed air lines, cooling-heating,such as sewer lines has a wide use. Application of HDPE fittings EF and transport costs are low, which is used in many projects and will continue to be used in the world again.



HDPE is used for holding the angle of return on the project elektrofusion elbow fittings and pipe laying required provides great benefits in the process. HDPE elbow fittings manufactured in compliance with quality standards elektrofusion welding method and the welding method is combined with the EF. visit our website for details and further information you can mail it to our official address.

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HDPE Ef Tapping Tee

HDPE Electrofusion Tapping Tee’s are always in our stocks are among the additional parts.Our product is joined by the method of electrofusion joint.Electrofusion Tapping Tee fittings on projects without cutting the mainline pipes can be installed in the desired location and installation of an additional source of supply is does not need and assembly welding time is short.Our products are divided into two categories and allows easy connection of branch connections.


HDPE EF Equal Tee

EF PE100 raw material is produced from a Te equal to the insertion part. all three ends of the same diameter, are manufactured in accordance with the assembly method elektrofusion.Te EF equal to each other and at right angles to that need to connect HDPE pipes are used in main line out Dec. at the same time is used for valve and branch connections.

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HDPE EF Fusion Coupler

Manson directly with EF PE100 pipes elektrofusion method is used in the merging process. The insertion part EF couplers are used in the adhesion process, which is one of each pipe to each other. The two cylindrical pipe of the same agda Manson and resistances placed in the EF process occurs by giving the efficiency to

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HDPE EF Inegal Tee

Electro Fusion Inequal Tee made from HDPE 100 raw material and HDPE pipes of different diameters are used to connect  to each other. EF inegal tee in the main and intermediate line-out is widely used, the valve and branch connections are also preferred. Are combined by electrofusion method on HDPE pipe. For detailed information about our other attachments you can visit HDPE Electro Fusion Fittings Page or can send e-mail to

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HDPE EF Blind Plug

Blind efficiency our EF electro-fusion method, and the insertion parts is one of the EF, which is produced in accordance with the standards EF PE100 raw material and used with the aim to close the line produced from HDPE with plug blind plug to be applied when selecting a suitable selection of the diameter of the pipe EF should be made.  For Detailed information  visit our website or you can mail us to the address.

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HDPE Ef Reducer

PE100 HDPE pipe diameters different from each other, with two additional parts of the source reduction elektrofusion it is used for connecting. In the box is fabricated in compliance with quality standards and are packed with care. each diameter is available in our inventory reduction suitable for EF For Detailed information  visit our website or you can mail us at