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    Hdpe Pipe Fittings Price List are fittings with various functions produced from HDPE raw material. They are auxiliary parts that connect to machines and pipes and make their connections with other pipes. Thanks to its raw material, these additional parts are more durable, lighter and more flexible.

    Where Can HDPE EF Fittings Be Used?

    HDPE EF fittings are used as fittings wherever Kuzeyboru HDPE Pipe systems are used. These additional parts, where the pipes used in drinking water and waste water discharge are connected, are the elements that will add value to your projects.

    Where are HDPE EF Fittings Preferred in Industry?

    It is used in the joining and slope of PE 100 pipes used in mining works, fire protection lines and transportation of chemical substances by electro fusion method.

    What is Product Assurance?

    The products you are looking for are at your fingertips with the assurance of Kuzeyboru.
    Our sales team will give you detailed information about HDPE fittings price, conditions and payment terms as soon as possible. Contact us now for your projects and special discounts.
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    What are Hdpe Ef Fittings?

    Tools that help connect HDPE pipes together are called HDPE fittings. HDPE pipes used in many different areas need HDPE fittings to expand over time or have several different outlets. Read More…

    What are the General Advantages of PE Pipe and Fittings?

    PE Pipe are the most preferred pipe type for many international projects. The producer of Pe Pipe, which is the newest and best type of polyethylene that can withstand more pressure, is Kuzeyboru. Read More…

    What are Hdpe Butt Fusion Fittings?

    Today, with the developing technology, the use of polyethylene pipes and additional parts, which take an important role in water transport has also increased. Read More…

    Hdpe Pipe Weight , Size and Dimenion

    All information about HDPE pipe weight and Technical Information, thickness and tolerances of HDPE pipes are in our table below. Read More…

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