hdpe pıpe sızes & weıght chart

All information about Hdpe pipe sizes weight chart and Technical Information, thickness and tolerances of Hdpe pipes are in our table below.

Contact our support team for Hdpe Pipe size and dimensions specific to your project. You can also learn the most suitable pipe size and dimensions from the table.

Hdpe Pipe Sizes Table

You can have information about the Hdpe Pipe sizes table in the table below. Please contact us for solutions suitable for your project. Get our special offer for you with Hdpe Pipe Weight Chart information and our special production for your project!


Hdpe Pipe Weight Chart

Calculations of HDPE pipes are made without heat treatment during production. For this reason, HDPE pipe sizes & weight chart and dimensions should be taken into account while preparing the tolerance values.

To prepare the conditions that do not affect the production, the tolerance amounts specified in the table below were evaluated. For more information and documents about HDPE pipe systems, contact live support.

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) pipes are widely used in a variety of applications such as water supply, irrigation, gas distribution and industrial piping. The weight of HDPE pipes is determined by the material density, pipe size and wall thickness.

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All information about HDPE pipe weight and Technical Information, thickness and tolerances of HDPE pipes are in our table below. Read More…