Informatıon about the hot water resıstance of PPRC pıpes?

Since PPRC products are based on high temperature, it is not correct to constantly subject them to high temperature and high pressure. Due to this wrong application, the life of the pipes is shortened.
In addition, it is not correct to use it in drinking water pipes that will be made continuously at values ​​higher than 40°C. It is not suitable for health.
If these pipes are to be used at high temperatures, it is more reasonable to use them as waste water or heating water.

It is produced from propylene molecules and does not contain ethylene additives. For this reason, Polypropylene Homopolymer, which is soft, is used in the production of materials such as plastic bags and nylon bags.

It is a raw material with ethylene additive (around 3%). It is a raw material used in the production of plastic pipes suitable for use only in cold water lines, since its resistance to temperature is low.

It is also a raw material with ethylene additive. The amount of ethylene is between 3-7%. Usage areas are mostly high pressure and high temperature values.



PP-R raw material does not contain UV-resistance stabilizer. Therefore, the maximum storage period is 6 months in a place with intense sun.
The pipe surface, which is outside the building and will be exposed to UV rays, should be isolated and protected from UV rays and also from cold weather.
For turns at 30°C and above, 45°C elbows should be used. Especially over tightening should be avoided in metal fitting works. The installation should be protected and isolated for the danger of freezing.
Pipes and fittings should be prevented from being exposed to high temperatures for a long time.
The pipes should be taken care of and precautions should be taken against impact, impact and falling.

The most important elements for plastic pipe manufacturers and consumers are; In addition to the reliability of the installation and the quality of the materials used, it is also important that the welding points are healthy.
The joining method used in PPRC pipes is called Socket Welding. Socket Source method ; It is a welding method made by melting and bonding PPRC pipes and fittings with the support of a welding machine.