PE 100

Pe 100 Gas Pipe is a pipe used in PE100 pressure pipe applications, underground natural gas lines, produced from high density polyethylene pipes used today. Natural gas for homes and businesses since 1960 in tasimakta PE100 high pressure and shock-resistant and chemical-resistant because it can be used safely. Due to having long lasting and high performance throughout the world is increasing the need for natural gas pipes. So 95% is the usage rate. PE100 pipes require a very fine work and the vital importance of advanced technology and human life should not be a mistake to not at the risk of being a tube.

Pe 100 Gas Pipe represent a high impact resistance even at low temperatures, so a lot of the polyethylene and, consequently, provides a very important resource such as natural gas in the distribution of its widespread use. Pe 100 gas pipes 10827 TS, ISO 4437 and pipe produced in accordance with production standards and the most 1555 range Ø25-500 mm. PE100 pipes are used in Europe for many years visit our web site for more information and advice .

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PE100 Gas Pipe Advantages

– Demonstrates high strength.
– Shock resistance at a high level.
– Elastic due to the nature  so is not affected by the earthquake usually.
– PE100 gas pipes temperatures -40 °C also retains when it drops to the elastic properties.
– PE100 gas pipes in which the fluid and the structure of the soil due to corrosion on the outside is not.
– Resistant to abrasion.
-Repairs can be made to suppress the flow of gas in pipes.

– Assembly process is easy.

– PE100 gas pipes in the pipes through the coil windings, the more resource points . For this reason, the connection is down to a minimum the risk of the region.

– Welding method for EF PE100 gas pipes merge operation is executed with no gas does not leak.

– Manufactured from high density polyethylene PE100 gas pipes due to long-lasting use, there is no guarantee.

Ease of Production 

Due to the fact that the raw material structure of Pe100 pipes is suitable for production in accordance with the desired values, the desired engineering properties can be achieved. With the advantage of easy production conditions, pipe systems with desired physical and mechanical properties can be produced in conditions suitable for the desired project.


 Pe100 gas pipe systems, tested in Kuzeyboru quality laboratory, meet the standards and values ​​expected in the projects. Tests are carried out in the Kuzeyboru quality laboratory with state-of-the-art equipment and experienced team.

Easy Assembling  

Kuzeyboru Pe100 pipes add value to projects with their lightness, flexibility and durability. With the easy assembly advantage of the raw material structure, it provides convenience to the assembly team during the assembly phase of the pipes. Despite its quick and easy installation, it stands out with its longevity. It does not give waste in assembly due to the joining methods. Pe 100 natural gas pipes can be implemented with less cost.

Transport and Storage

You can supply the pipes, which comply with the necessary transportation and storage rules, in bulk, store them in your stock areas and use them in your projects for a long time. Depending on the size of the product to be used, it can provide space advantage in case of transportation with coil production.


Kuzeyboru Pe100 natural gas pipes are produced in accordance with the desired geography with the production according to the requests you specify in urban gas distribution, intercity gas connection and larger projects.




Natural Gas Pipe Price List

Kuzeyboru Gas Pipe offers you the most suitable product with its suitable diameters, low cost, ease of transportation, and teamwork from the beginning to the end of production. Click to take advantage of Kuzeyboru Pe100 Gas Pipe and to access the Pe100 Gas Pipe Price List.