Produced from high density polyethylene pressure pipe applications, which is one of PE80 yellow. PE80 natural gas for homes and businesses used since 1960  in high pressure and shock-resistant and chemical-resistant because it can be used safely Long lasting and high performance across the globe due to having 95% Pe80 gas pipes are manufactured from polyethylene. PE80 pipes are vital and require a very fine work advanced technology and human life should not be a mistake to not at the risk of being a tube. Long lasting and high performance across the globe due to having 95% Pe80 gas pipes are manufactured from polyethylene.

Represent a high impact resistance even at low temperatures, so a lot of the polyethylene and, consequently, provides a very important resource such as natural gas in the distribution of its widespread use. Polyethylene gas pipes 10827 TS, ISO 4437 and pipe produced in accordance with production standards and the most suitable range  1555- Ø25-500 mm. PE80 pipes used in Europe for many years for information and advice you can contact us on our web site 

PE80 GAS PIPE Technical Values


–  Pe80 Gas Pipes Demonstrates high strength.
– Shock resistance at a high level.
– Elastic due to the nature is not affected by the earthquake.
Temperatures -40 °C also retains when it drops to the elastic properties.
– The fluid inside and outside the structure of the soil due to corrosion.
– Resistant to abrasion.
– Repairs can be made to suppress the flow of gas in the pipes.
– Coil windings in the pipes through, the more resource points . For this reason, the connection is down to a minimize the risk of the region.
– Merge with no gas for the welding operation is executed EF method does not leak.
– Assembly process is easy.
– High-density polyethylene due to be manufactured from long-lasting use, there is no guarantee.

Method of Joining PE80 PIPE

Just electrofusion rallies combined with natural gas pipes. Because the source region is very wide in terms of safety, this method was selected.

Method of Joining PE80 PIPE


Electrofusion welding machine made with this method, the parts located in the copper wire is melted by heating Fusion is performed by applying electricity to a certain part.
Electrofusion of the area to be welded by the welding method must be protected from adverse weather conditions.
Electrofusion should be performed to be welded by the welding method of the environment Temperature: 5 ° -50 °. should be between.
Electrofusion DVS 2207 welding in accordance with the standard method are carried out.
Electrofusion Steps That Must Be Followed:
Before the welding operation is performed, the pipe with its axis at right angles of his mouth should be checked whether they do. If they are not perpendicular with its axis making a right angle and should be discontinued if the mouth should be.
• Coupler electrofusion the surface of the pipe to be installed should be marked. Generally, the length should be half the length of the source Coupler. Cutting to scraping apparatus should be dug with the help of specific mark.
After the operation is done scraping, absolutely should not be touched and should be protected from adverse weather conditions. Coupler is attached to the pipe clamp is secured with a system if necessary.
Coupler is attached to the socket on the cables electrofusion on the source machine. Coupler is entered on the barcode on the value of the machine. Then the welding process is performed by giving tension to the ends of the socket Coupler. The implementation of the cooling process for the removal of the handcuffs is expected to be.

• Polyethylene pipe in the pipe laying operation on a more important issue than the quality of the workmanship. The welding control welder’s certificate and be together again, especially important reference should be made.

The Advantages Of Electrofusion Source :

• By using this technique it is possible to obtain a direct output from the main pipe.
• The pipes are easy to repair.
• Very easily even in tight spaces is applied.
• Filling and excavation does not require too much.