Perforated drainage pipes used in solid waste storage facilities 100 HDPE high-density polyethylene that is produced from a pipe. Especially not the removal of accumulated garbage in the bottom parts of storage areas can cause considerable difficulty in the use of water. Yukun knowing when unable to get along with garbage in the later stages, causes the collapse of the bottom waters. Perforated HDPE pipes is seen as an effective solution in these cases. Perforated HDPE pipes are used in this field with high resistance and impact resistance is important.

The 100 perforated pipe, perforated pipe, perforated corrugated pipe and PVC pipe including 3-Type in the form of drainage pipes produced according to the operation to be performed in a team and raw materials to be used and the tests are done to customers by plastic pipe manufacturers pipe is specified. Perforated HDPE pipes at certain intervals on the outer surface of the depending on customer’s request is used to create holes. Leaking pipes are perforated and perforated pipe producing and the needs of the landfill to determine the strength of the test and the controls are determined.

– In the breeding of muddy land
– In agriculture, in the removal of unnecessary water from land
– It is used in the banquette drainage of highways .
– It has been used successfully in  preservation of the foundations of buildings and constructions..


Perforated pipes chronological, technological developments influenced positively and today has been one of the most preferred pipes. Today with superior chemical and physical properties, applications, storage systems, solid waste a perfect solution for a perfect application. Perforated HDPE pipes are easy to carry due to light and at low cost. Its Installation costs and labor costs still offers an economic solution.

– During the installation of perforated HDPE pipes should be considered against cracking and breakage
– Protected against friction.
– Smooth exterior surface abrasion, corrosion and high resistance to chemicals.
– Because of its smooth surface, the viscosity is high.
– Because of the raw material is high-density polyethylene is so strong and has the capacity to carry large loads.
– High compressive strength. Because of its feature, in underground applications its is a great advantage.
– Pe 100 perfore  the tube Material High-Density Polyethylene manufactured from perforated 100
– Pe 100 perfore the wall thickness of the pipe should be selected according to m127 ATV ATV A127 and complementary.
HDPE pipes; good friction, wear and feature stainless. HDPE pipes; strong against microorganisms. Withstand the chemical and biochemical effects.



Drainage : A drainage layer for collection and disposal of the water flow is leaked from the membrane-permeable tubes comprises to a tube.

Drain Layer : Shedding filtering enabled infiltrated water collected  by permeable layer.

Protection Layer : Sealing the floor is a layer that is used to avoid loss and damage.
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Ultraviolet ( Sunlight ) is Resistance To

Perforated HDPE pipes Polyethylene without any protection, physical and chemical, are affected by UV rays, and they’re weak . Perforated HDPE pipes During production, all participating 2-3% of carbon black is avoided thanks to the weakening by cutting off between the UV input.
Therefore, there is no any difficulty in use in the open air perforated HDPE pipes.
. However, the other characters can be used in the open or under the ground with protection coating.

External factors that influence the service life of the pipes include;

• The 100 perforated pipe temperature, pressure and fluid properties
Perforated HDPE pipes working conditions,
• The chemical structure of HDPE raw material ,
• Used during the laying of the pipe to the perforated pipe 100 of the soil structure
• Chemical structure of the soil perforated pipe laid th 100
• Conditions applied during the 100 th perforated piping of the pipes merge and affect the life-cycle.Pe 100 perfore  pipe tube life may vary with chemical bonds with HDPE material . The calculation of the lifetime of the pipes, perforated pipe 100 is performed, a minimum life of 50 years at 20 ° C current flow temperature of at our website, … www.kuzeyboru.com.tr all products from a single address is located in our production and all technical details you can contact us through it for further information.