Perforated PVC pipes used in underground and above the removal of dirty water from the area of activity. Raw material u-PVC drainage pipes, PVC wrapped it in the form of coil. With the help of the collector pipes of the incoming water drainage channels, streams, or rivers for transporting to such places as perforated PVC drain pipes are used. Corrosion and shock resistant PVC perforated pipes, which is smooth , uniform and homogeneous with the inner surface bacteria produced.

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Perforated PVC Pipe Advantages

– Underground life of 50 years.
– Lowers the cost of transportation and is easy in upholstery.
– The holes on the pipe wall are opened to the inner surface of the ring because it doesn’t make clogging.
– There is the possibility of fire.
– In sandy soil without the need for the filter material is used.
– Can be produced as a solid when you need it

Perforated PVC Pipe Application

– Agricultural land that are found in the water in the removal of harmful
– Construction of the main drainage of the area
– Mud and slime reclamation of lands of highways – business in breeding
– Water for the removal of water at the base of the base of the structure

What should be considered while using?

Coil should be tightly bound with rope so that it should not open before being placed onto your machine.
– Easily moved by two people and can be removed to the desired position and height.
– The tension of the rope should not  damage the pipe during transport.
– The coils should not be thrown to the ground while loading it down via truck and trailer.
– It Should not be dragged during transportation. In particular, the possibility of clogging of the holes in the muddy ground since these are due to drift should be avoided.
– Must be stored for a long time when stored in a covered area. Ultraviolet rays from the sun, hence also will be affected by many plastic drainage pipe. It should be noted in Sunny places and more naturally-aspirated should be used for storage under the porch

Perforated PVC drainage pipes gaying in the field

Lay perforated PVC drainage pipes before the floor is not solid in the field where the risk of collapsing pipeline is available in areas where there is a risk in consideration of the pipeline or wedges should be reinforced with a thin blade under the stone and filling should be done. PVC Perforated drainage pipe should be prevented the formation of point loading on the line. Soil bearing capacity in areas of reduced crash risk by sticking tubes down the pipeline in addition to the gasket sit as an added security measure in the case of the emergence of the joints of the pipes is prevented.

Perforated PVC drainage pipe is adhered to the expansion and contractions due to temperature change that will occur if you can’t answer please be advised that. Therefore, the bonding process should be preferred where the temperature is not much of a difference. Perforated PVC pipes, plastic pipes such as polyethylene pipes manufactured from the drainage pipe has a structure more fragile than persuade with polyethylene pipes crossing the street if possible because it is recommended to do more flexibility. Perforated PVC drainage pipe to be used in the street at the crossing and if not necessarily, then another protective PVC drainage pipes perforated pipes to cross the street against the traffic load need to be passed through the tube • For All types of projects, and product inquiries, you can visit our official website. For Technical information and all types of Request you can mail us.


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