Plastic Pipe Welding Machines

Plastic pipe welding is the process of joining a plastic pipe with another plastic pipe with the help of machines or joining it with a fitting. One of the advantages of plastic pipes is that the polyethylene material melts easily when heated and the two pipes can be combined with this process. These processes can be used not only to join two different pipes but also to join the fitting. All kinds of plastic pipes welding machines in terms of land use, and in the most challenging circumstances most easy-to-use has been designed to provide. Our welding machines are the latest technology in pipe applications product design and used-friendly. We recommend you to try our product.
Pipe joining methods; They can be joined by various machines and methods such as electro fusion welding machine, butt welding machine, hand extruder, plate butt welding machine, mechanical joining. Commonly used in these methods are:

Butt Welding Machine

Butt welding in the welding process with the help of a heater and is heated to temperatures in the zones of the heater under pressure after removal of the Merge operation is performed. The heater temperature 200-220°C should be between. High temperature, low temperature of meat while it is true for thinner Wall thickness is valid for large thicknesses. To get more information about this method of welding you can check the page “HDPE pipes and fittings”.


Electrofusion Machine

Before the electrofusion layer is applied on the pipe (the surface to be welded), it must be cleaned very well. Attachments must be cleaned before being placed at the welding points. The end of the pipe, which is the inner part of the fitting, should be placed in the middle of the pipe and the two fisting should be combined. If the thermoplastic material is heated at a temperature above its melting point, the wire is heated very quickly, heating the weld area.

Mechanical assembly: the method used for joining plastic pipes and pipe fittings when welding machines are not possible (Coupling Systems). In this method, more compression technique is used. The parts used in this joining method are pressure resistant and durable. According to the type of fasteners, there are gaskets in order to prevent the liquid outflow and provide impermeability.

Fisting the material flowing in the pipe and to each other toward each other under the influence of heat boils.The wire is heated at a temperature above the melting point of thermoplastic material is heated very quickly heats the source region. Fisting the material flowing in the pipe and to each other toward each other under the influence of heat boils.For more information you can mail us on

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