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It is expressed as the abbreviation of PPRC “Polypropylene Random Copolymer” which is one of the indispensable products of plastic pipe sector for indoor and hot water system. With his smooth structure and easy installation, the PPRC pipe is also used with light and hygienic structure. PPRC pipes and fittings, which are produced according to the appropriate quality standards and which are the indispensable product for hot and cold water installations in buildings are produced by KUZEYBORU with high quality.

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PPRC Pipes of Standards

Polypropylene random Co-polymer (PPRC) pipes and auxiliary parts are classified as type 3. erman norm DIN 8077 DIN 8078 standards as manufactured. Turkish standard TS and TS 11755 9937 with numbers. PPRC pipes are used in the raw materials approved by the health laws of the United States. Germany, France, Great Britain has undergone approval by the health authorities of European countries, including developed countries such as.

Raw material POLYPROPYLENE and features: Substances obtained from propylene by adding a naphtha obtained by polymerization of the molecules, i.e. larger molecules three flights of obtaining white colored material. In the production of 96% obtained from crude oil derivatives are used polipropilen directly related to the availability and price of world oil reserves and prices. I even have the right information we can give the world ; when the oil is finished, polypropylene, will end too. (PVC pipe raw material on the page made no comment on the subject.) 

Crude oil production is heavily due to the use of polypropylene raw material price is expensive at high pressure and temperature, which can be used safely for 50 years. PPRC products subject to high temperature and high pressure high temperature continuously depends on the way it is not correct to keep. Due to the wrong application of this gives cause shortening of the service life of the pipe. Also 40°C. at higher values than it is to use drinking water pipes, which will be held constant. It does not fit in terms of Health. If these pipes are to be used at high temperatures, such as it is more reasonable to use this waste water or water heating. With the growing technology today, the raw materials used by 3 types of polypropylene plastic Pipe Plant. If we process them ;

1.Type ) Homopolymer Polypropylene:

Propylene and ethylene is produced from the contribution of molecules is not included. For this reason, also because it is soft soft Homopolymer Polypropylene bags, plastic bags of materials, such as is used in the production.
2. Type ) Polypropylene block copolymer:

Ethylene contribution (about 3%) of the raw material. The heat resistance is low because cold water lines only suitable for use in plastic pipes used in the production of a raw material.
3. Type ) Polypropylene Rondom Copolymer:

Ethylene is a raw material which is contribution. The amount of ethylene %is between 3-7. More high pressure and areas of use are the places where the temperature is high. 3. Other raw materials of Medicine 1 and 2. According to the raw materials physical and chemical quality in terms of higher performance and superior features. The type of plant the raw material used in plastic pipe 3. Type material.



PPRC Pipe Joining Methods

The most important elements for the installation of plastic pipe manufacturers and consumers reliability , quality of materials used by a resource to the point of being healthy is also important. The Merge method used in pprc pipes, socket welding method is called. Supply socket method ; with the support of the welding machine, pprc pipe and fittings to each other is made through melting and bonding of the source method.

Step-by-step; – The pipe, the pipe in the direction perpendicular to the axis of the pipe with sharp shears will be private so only the cutting process is done properly. – The welding machine at 260°C. It should be heated up. – Pipes and fittings welding machine by keeping ittirili toward each other from the translator. (Refer to the following resource table by looking at the source and the cooling period) – The Merge takes place immediately from the source machine to the pipe and fittings . During this process, without compromising the axis of the pipe and fittings must be combined. So, when you put the parts in contact they must be omitted. Precautions against errors which will be held during the application process should be taken very carefully. Otherwise it is likely that the loss of gaps between pipes and fittings and giving rise to a homogeneous structure.

Now this give information about the measures that must be considered and taken; Pipe should be cutted with a pipe cutter and pipe segment in the direction perpendicular to the axis. – Foiled foil for pprc pipe welding should be peeled while. After becoming made to the source of particles should be peeling foil pipes are not sure. The source of pprc pipe and fittings should not be contaminated. – Source socket PPRC pipes 260 °C are carried out. The source of the source machine before the start of 260 °C. The heated, should be controlled. – You should be careful with the source of standby time. In the melting process, while it is definitely not pipe and fittings should be returned. – Parts bevel gear connections should not be used. – After the flooring installation has finished, the sealing test should be performed.


PPRC Pipe Fittings

High quality PPRC fittings continue to produce solutions to your Projects. Advantageous, practical installations and excellence with the advantageous price of PPRC fittings by KUZEYBORU; PPRC coupler, PPRC reductions, PPRC elbow, PPRC T pieces, PPRC end cap, PPRC clamp, PPRC blind flange, PPRC rakor, PPRC s pieces, PPRC valve. To reach the price list of PPRC fittings and to be informed about our solutions send us an e-mail to

PPRC Pipes Price List

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