Pvc Pipes and Fittings

PVC Water Pipes

PVC Water Pipes, TS 274-2 at 1452-2 standards produced as required Pressure PVC water pipes DIN 8061-8062 in various diameters ,pass Muffle and Muffle Adhesive ASTM 1477 standard, it can be produced in the appropriate thickness according to the safety factor. The pipes are used in the territory under the conditions and to withstand the drinking water lines. That sudden weather changes and high resistance to hot PVC pipes for water, airtightness and durability. PVC pipes show high resistance to impact is pressure resistant to organic and inorganic acids and alkalis. Also at 60 ° C as an important feature of up to deform it also harbors.


Raw physical and mechanical properties of PVC-U Pipe:

[table id=2 /] PVC pipe and PVC Pipes Fittings, which will be a standard practice. Performing this test is required. PVC pipe from the “U” shaped test is performed by making a sealing assembly. 5 meters height with assembly freely given water tightness is measured. The established system at the point of leakage through the seal is removed due to water leaks.


PVC Pipes raw white of a raw material is a substance which has many positive features. Which began to be developed in 1875, are being used in the production of PVC industry has been established in 1930.  PVC raw material of chlorine and 43% ethylene (obtained by passing through a series of processes crude oil) is obtained by reacting with an eachother. The use of less oil product production and the low cost of raw for PVC Pipes has a great advantage over  Polyethylene Pipe and Polypropylene Pipe raw material. Briefly, PVC Pipes raw material prices world oil depends on oil world, but the use of oil reserves is less than the level.

Formation of PVC

PVC Pipe raw materials, salts, obtained by separating the electrolysis method with chlorine gas obtained in the distillation of crude oil obtained by introducing ethylene gas to interact with specific chemical reaction to be moved to the basic structure of vinyl chloride. through promoter to obtain large molecules added to each other (polymerization) is produced by the method. The polymerization process is carried out in a closed reactor. At every stage of this process it serves to ensure the monitoring of the raw material. To produce chlorine gas is subjected to sea water electrolysis process. As a result of this process we use sea water; chlorine, caustic soda and hydrogen are divided into three components. Looking at the chlorine gas with the process for obtaining ethylene gas requires further chemical processes.


Let’s look at the process to be carried out, respectively; First distillation of crude oil “naphte” is provided with an intermediate name. This ‘naphtha’ intermediate using chemical catalysts ‘catalytic cracking’ operations is passed. After this process is done in our second raw material used in the production of PVC raw material “Ethylene gas” is obtained. Ethylene agents with chlorine to combined ‘gas’ as they are into, their reaction is obtained Etandiklor ECD agent before the results can then be placed end to end of the vinyl chloride molecules with one molecule interconnected with obtaining large molecules, and to obtain PVC raw materials polyvinylchloride.


Depicted above the production made by PVC raw material processing to be done in his softness on action to be taken thereafter, hardness, chemical substances added to impart properties such as elasticity. That is, for example, if we have a PVC material and we should participate in the chemicals that flexibility and softness to break it if we produce plastic pipes. When we think of such plasticizer (stabilizer) that participate have not hardened materials are PVC-U name.

PVC Pipes Degradation and Service Life

There are two factors which cause deterioration in lifetime of the PVC pipes. These are: HEAT and LIGHT. * PVC pipes, heat the deterioration of hydrogen chloride is caused by the release. Due to This release of gas in the pipe due to the discoloration yellow color occurs. According to the deterioration degree as before with the color of the PVC pipe flushing, redden up, brown and black are seen. In the table below we have provided it gives us information about how to withstand pressure over a period of 25 years of PVC pipe.


When PVC pipes contain UV additives and is exposed to UV rays or gamma rays deteriorates. PVC-U pipes, because they are not brittle crystalline. However, if materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene in 80 to 85 percent has a crystal structure. Here is the reason that why is crystalline significant ;  if the crystaline structure is more in the structure that much it becomes brittle when it faces sunlight. This explains why the point we made of polyethylene and polypropylene molecules are parallel to each other, connecting  the mixed form PVC is difficult to break the bonds of PVC also for this reason. In addition, pipeline laying of PVC pipes to be manufactured in thicknesses stipulated in the standards and should not be used more than 9% calcite. Otherwise, the pipes are passed, the pressure tests will lead to extinction even in less than the time that have been required. One of the most important factors affecting the quality of the pipeline is also made in the consolidation process pipeline.  Leaching process at the beginning the problem that occurs in pipeline is that in ground consolidation revenues and 70%. Difference in diameter between the pipes to be joined in order to prevent this should not be more than 4 mm. If this difference is exceeded in diameter then they are likely to come up problems mentioned above. Because it engages both tubes are abundant and will start leaking from that point in time. Pipes and fittings of them is a matter that should be considered when taken from the same company. Because each company may have different tolerance amounts that will cause problems in the assembly process of PVC.

Formula’s of PVC Pipes

Entering certain adjunct materials required by product type of PVC pipe is obligatory. For this reason, the preparation of a formulation for PVC is necessary. Accordingly, the formulation is generally as follows; 1-PVC Resin 2- Sliders 3- Operations Assistant 3 –Stabilizers 4- Strength Boosters 6- Pigments As well as the formulation of these substances in flame retardants, are additives such as optical brighteners.

Efficient Properties of PVC Pipe

* Waste water used in the PVC Pipes network. * Drain lines used in the system and pool of PVC Pipes. * PVC Pipes Top and Bottom of a place are used in pressurized water transport system. * PVC Pipe used in agricultural irrigation systems. * PVC Pressure Pipe is used in drinking water systems. * PVC Pipes used in electrical and communication systems. * PVC Pipes are used in Chemical and industrial plants. * PVC Pipe is used in the fire mains. * PVC Sewage Pipes used in sewage and waste discharge system.

Usage Areas

* PVC Pipe used in city and settlement infrastructure located in the drinking water network * PVC Pipe used in agricultural irrigation networks * PVC Pipe used in waste water networks * The sewerage system can be used PVC Sewerage Pipes * Industrial premises can be used PVC Pipe. * In the fire mains can be used PVC Pipes with safely. * PVC Pipes for swimming pools * PVC Pipes Drain lines * Cable protection systems are also used for insulation and safety. Because of the widespread use of PVC pipe as can be seen when viewed in their areas is clear. Based on the growing population of people with advancing technology and investment will continue to increase. The period during which the continued use of PVC pipes will continue to increase in many projects. PVC pipe to ensure water is the most basic and the most important needs of our lives will continue in the role and importance in our lives. PVC rigid and flexible There are two types of areas. More rigid PVC pipe, window profile, wall coverings, etc. used in the field. These weather resistant, high strength, hard and have a self-combustible material properties. The flexible PVC for flooring, shoes and slippers soles of being used in medical applications and many other applications.

PVC Pipe Are They Flammable?

On PVC Pipes uses, one of the mistakes most widely known is that the raw material is known about the PVC Pipes is dangerous because it has the effect of PVC flammable. The temperature required in the medium for self-ignition of PVC raw materials should be 450 ° C. But it has a feature that it has very low melting point and burns very quickly. After burning HCL (hydrochloric acid) occurs. Here’s the way to go if the lead poisoning of carbon monoxide during the fire PVC with the combustion does not have any relevance. We know that the poisonous spirit of salt, but the people here, such as hydrochloric acid 5 PPM can see the danger of poisoning by detecting the smell of odor even in smaller amounts. In short, it will remove the spirit recover a PVC pipe appeared burnt smell of salt and when people perceive it as a fire spirit that salt precursors. So instead of stimulating people to remove PVC fire. PVC Pipes is time we hold an open flame will be lit naturally like other plastics. But when we took the fire from the fire it will stop immediately. The reason for this is by cutting the amount of oxygen in the burning place of fighting and burning of the emergence of hydrochloric acid formed during combustion as mentioned above. The combustible material in the presence of oxygen below 21% is called “flammable”. The PVC raw material passes through at least ignite flammable substances identified as classified in Class V0 plastic raw materials. PVC raw material according to standard DIN 4102 B1 is called “fire extinguisher”. According to another assessment THE INSTITUTE OF BOLLATE institute CSA PVC raw materials and products made from this material are called “carry the flame” products. If we want to summarize the above mentioned things. PVC pipe is a fireproof product and it will not let fire to come out easily.

Is PVC Pipe the Cause of Cancer?

As we mentioned in our first sentence of combustion in the event of PVC Pipe it is still known about the most important and vital issue, and unfortunately wrong information is provided. PVC Pipes for use in industrial technology began in 1930, an indication that in no way did or approved cancer test, but there is no report. More importantly, the World Health comes at the beginning of the plastic PVC Pipes approved in storage and transportation of food products by the organization. More importantly, the World Health comes at the beginning of the plastic PVC approved in storage and transportation of food products by the organization. But there are no significant issues; as the polymerization process can pose a risk if the amount of vinyl chloride in raw materials as a result of having to threaten human health. However, this amount can now be monitored through closed reactors and one that is continuing the process until PPM polymerization falls in a million. Following this transaction, which will be held thanks to advancing technology it would not be out of a situation that will affect human health. So that the containers used in the medical area of the materials used PVC is made from. Following this transaction, which will be held thanks to advancing technology would not be out of a situation that will affect human health. So much so that the containers used in the medical area of the materials used PVC is made from. PVC raw material does not interfere with drinking water and other liquids is also a well known and used by everyone in the disinfection of water with chlorine because it is a substance. To improve the robustness of the materials in previous years, consisting of heavy metals and substances harmful to human health are banned in the whole world. Instead of this material as a stabilizer of barium, zinc, calcium, tin materials are used. These compositions are known not to be harmful for human health.

Advantages of PVC Pipe:

Due to the light to carry and easy to install. * PVC Pipes does not change the taste of water * PVC Pipes Micro-organisms can not create environments that will allow their reproduction. * PVC PipesInternal and is resistant to external pressure. * The long-lasting resistant to rot and corrosion od PVC Pipes. * PVC Pipes pressure loss is low. * PVC Pipes surface is glossy and smooth. * PVC Pipes Flammable is not flammable. * PVC Pipes has high impact resistance. * Pressure is fully compatible fittings of PVC Pipes. * Other plastics used oil is less than in uremia caused by material and less energy is consumed by all the plastic materials in the most environmentally friendly pipes. In addition, environmental cleaning and also provided in addition to the continuation of economic life for that possibility again and again until it can be processed more importantly, PVC raw material is required. So in order to remove PVC burn it down and then it has a chance to produce new PVC by recycling. * All kinds with high resistance to chemicals is made according to fluid transport. In the table below we can see that it is in a very good state of PVC pipe against chemicals and acids.

Differences Between UPVC Pipes and PVC Pipes:


[table id=1 /]

Resistance to Acids Table of PVC Pipe Article


PVC Pipe Testing Information



Click for Pvc pipe weight table


PVC-U PIPES (DIN8061 – DIN8062)




PVC Clean Water Pipes and Fittings

Sliding Sleeve































































Bend – Elbow for PVC Pipes


Reduction of PVC Pipes


Gasket of PVC Pipes


Muffle pass slightless plug


Tee Pieces for PVC Pipes


Inequal Tee Pieces for PVC Pipes


Storage and Transport of PVC Pressure Pipes, PVC Clean Water Pipe Laying Added
Transport and Storage:

PVC pressure pipes pass easily muffle any terrain thanks to its lightness because of its producer who has a few other pipes it can be made portable and is easier in installation compared to other types of pipes to each other. So PVC pressure pipes and fittings muffle pass has an extensive network use. One of the most important issues to be considered during the transport and storage process is to contact the place of the bell end of the pipe. Support must be placed under the pipe body in order to provide it support.
That may go against dirt and other foreign matter into the PVC Pipe above the pipe must be closed. Superimposed over one another during transport and storage process piping must not be more than 1.5 meters in length and muffle the parts are not contacted.

PVC Pressure Pipe with Muffle
Solvent Cement Socket PVC-U pipes

a) Inclusion of the PVC Pipes

Persistent bellmouth portion produced in muffle tube should be able to pass freely out of the pipe. Also muffle the part of the pipe must have a slot for the seal Z. The drain pipe belling part is a flat structure which up to half the thickness of the pipe end 15 has a conical shape angled oC. During the addition, the Z sealing lip is placed toward the inside of the muff. Pipe end driven lubricating agent (soap) is driven (engine oil should be used.) And the pipe end portion is inserted into the bell so as not to disturb the seal. This process is different in each diameter dimensioned according to the muff depth. Before these transactions should also take bell marked the distance.

b) Cautions on

One of the most important issues that should be considered to be long-lasting and durable PVC pressure pipes; The tube should carefully be laid and installed.

* PVC Pressure Pipes Ditch the base should be considered to be stone-free and smooth for that.
* PVC Pipe diameter of 40 cm width measurement must be done by adding base.
* The standard climatic conditions determined for the amount of filling and taking into account the ground should be between 1 and 1.5 m.
* PVC Pipes made before you start laying into ditches should be placed about 15 cm stone-free material and bed should be prepared.
* Carefully PVC pipe should be laid on the made bed and a snug fit.
* After this operation, the pressure to try to shut down over the muff parts and fittings 30 cm stone-free soil layer above the pipe must be sealed with.
*On the PVC Pipes the pressure test after the exposed portions of the closed structures after the filling process is completely closed over the ditch.
* Filler material used in the study while in freezing temperatures should be considered to be unfrozen.
* Mud and gravel fill or stone to crash risk provisions in line flimsy grounds such as marshes should be used.
* PVC Pipe if exposed to sunlight for a long time at a high temperature above the pipe should be covered with tarpaulin.

c) Using Merge Operations Amount Adhesives Needed


Adding Solvent Cement Socket PVC-U pipes

a)Cautions on

During the process of adding in the end made of PVC Pipes Solvent Cement PVC-U muffle tube should be considered to be cleaned properly and burrs cut. Instructions for liquid adhesives and should be read carefully and observe the rules that specified hazard. The end of the f PVC Pipes Solvent Cement PVC-U by muffle of  pipes and of which will be sanded after cleaning the  PVC Pipes Solvent Cement PVC-U. After sanding the finished parts have to be checked again after the wet sanding and cleaning Be sure to stay somewhere. Glue is applied to the surface to be stuck with a clean brush lengthwise and marked with muffle tube end is pushed up to the part being returned. Before the pressure test should be stored at 20 ° C for atleast 24 hours. Temperatures lower than the waiting period should be increased.
For gluing PVC pipe it is to be preferred in a special adhesive. Pipe according to one pipe diameter of 8 g of adhesive should be used.

Measures of the first aid

* Adhesive certainly should be cleaned with plenty of water if it comes in contact with skin.
* if adhesive becomes in contact with eyes it should be cleaned with water and medical attention should be made.


Calculation of thickness


Pressure Series (PN)  : Provides the highest operating pressure.
Pipe Serisi (S) : It gives the ratio of the pressure range of design stress.
Design Voltage (ó)         : The basic parameters used in the classification of the pipe and is calculated using the following formula


MRS : The minimum required strength. Mpa
C : Safety Factor, dimensionless
PN : Pressure, bar (ATU)
D :Outer diameter, mm
e :Thickness, mm’dir.


Liquid inside the plastic pipe; to take the lead, narrowing the diameter of the pressure distribution in the pipe due to rotation speed ranges.
The distribution rate can be calculated from the following formula. (m / sec)


Specified in the formula;
d = tube inside diameter (m)
e = Pipe wall thickness (m)
= the ratio of the flexibility of the pipe is referred to as water flexibility. (This value is taken as 33.3 for PVC pipes.)

Surge (m) = V a / g is calculated with the formula.
Specified in the formula;
V = velocity in the liquid pipe (m / sec)
= acceleration of gravity (m / s2)

Load Losses

Load loss calculations for PVC pipes is calculated by the formula known as the Hazen-Williams;


J: Load loss
V: flow velocity, m / s
A: Smooth coefficient, dimensionless
D: Pipe inner diameter in millimeters.

P and C values are given below for PVC pipes;
Ø 16 – Ø 20mm : 130
Ø 25 – Ø 32mm : 140
Ø 40 : 150

Q = V x A  formula
Q : Debi m/sn
V : Fluid speed m / s
A : The inner cross-sectional area of the pipe.

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