Sprınkler Pıpe Systems and Features

Water needs of plants with normal rain water efficiency needed to meet the reason for granting the appropriate time with the appropriate ground water in the ground method process “irrigation” is called. The great support they need to meet their yield for the normal development of irrigation plants and help is active. System operates with pressurized water. Sprinkler Pipe, This method can also be used in all kinds of weather conditions suitable for irrigated agriculture and arable land in all kinds of conditions and the topography unsuitable for surface irrigation. More inclined, uneven areas and depths in the soil, which can be applied without causing less water loss and soil erosion in high permeability or the efficiency with low water holding capacity.

However, heavy textured (clay) soils of carefully sprinkling rate value must be selected. In other words, it should not exceed the rate of soil intake rate sprinkler. In addition, this type of method the title for almost all plants, head and lateral ranges are high irrigation efficiency and irrigation doubt  if elected. TS EN 418-2 and 418-2 of the TS 12201-2 and ISO 12201-2 standard EN 3007: 2000 quality management system produced by the sprinkler system, high density polyethylene (HDPE) production in diameter using the appropriate request is made.  

The main pipe PVC to be used in sprinkler irrigation systems; at least 10 atm pressure, Pa is; It must be at least 6 atm pressure resistant. Lateral pipes, semi-fixed sprinkler systems from 6 atm pressure PE pipe, rigid PVC pipes fixed sprinkler system pressure of 10 atm or 6 atm pressure polyethylene pipes are used. In addition, the decrease in the amount of water present conditions in our underground sources of water which is threatened by the lack of seasonal rains enough is known by all of us that we use should be economical and efficient. 

In addition, the decrease in the amount of water present conditions in our underground sources of water which is threatened by the lack of seasonal rains enough is known by all of us that we should use economic and efficient.In some cases such as this because of the many advantages provided by considering and sprinkler irrigation method it has found wide application area especially in developed countries.

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Types of Sprinkler Pipes

Portable Systems
It used this system until all the pieces moved laterally from the main pipe. The advantage of this system in a place from where one can go and to continue in the same place where the handling of the sprinkler irrigation system must be provided.
Semi-Portable Systems
Other portable lateral of which is embedded in the main pipe can be transported by land in the world is the most widely used sprinkler system.
Meadow, pasture, is used to irrigate vegetable gardens and orchards.
Systems Which Can Not Be Moved
Intense citrus, orchards and permanent grassland used in the sprinkler system is fixed in the main pipe is buried under the ground, lateral, and will not play in any way.


Sprinkler Irrigation Components

Sprinkler irrigation system efficiency and to take the following factors must be examined in order to streamline the operation of the system;
a) Water Supply
Sprinkler irrigation system offers a wide range in terms of water resources. Rivers, lakes, the sea is not any problem at source, such as resource use for irrigation. Floating in the water from a large number of sources is necessary to contain only objects. Which is more than the amount of water in the body in future periods may cause cracks and blockages in pipes
b) Pump Unit
In the absence of more static suction centrifugal type, deep vertical shaft deep well submersible pumps in wells or pumps required operating pressure in the sprinkler system it is provided. The electric motor-driven pumps are preferred due to the recent economical conditions.
c) Pipelines
Lateral pipe under the ground as allows to receive my Lake receives water supply from the main pipeline. Home transmit the water they receive from the line and can usually be installed in under ground sprinkler systems in stable as they can be laid on the soil surface.
d) Sprinkler Heads
These titles are located on the lateral pipelines. Between sprinkler heads with lateral pipelines connecting the plant according to the size of the riser pipe is provided with selected.
e) Connection Fittings
They are used for the connection of pipes and sprinklers. These parts, flexible connection must provide, while under pressure in the joints should not be leaking, the pressure should be able to get automatic drainage, connection and opening processes should be easy, should be abrasion resistant.

Characteristics of the Sprinkler Pipe and Fittings

– Service life is long. Unbreakable and is resistant to shocks.
– Sprinkler pipe is easy to use and safe Ideal for seasonal and permanent planting.
– Batter topography with poor irrigation can be done without causing erosion.
– Water; soil, as fine particles is given as the rain; in crop yields. Compared to other irrigation methods provide increased between 20-50% and improves quality.
– Shows high resistance to corrosion.
– Long-range, large area applications, the pressure loss due to smooth inner surface is at a minimum.
– Affected by the sun’s rays.
– Continuous collection and is highly resistant to pave.
– Soil depth and less (shallow) is the ideal irrigation system permeable soils.
– Microorganisms and is extremely resistant to rodents.
– Easily it adapts all kinds of terrain.
– Especially in the sea near the wind moved left to salt water plants salt particles, dust and pests can be washed with sprinkler.
– Lightweight and easy to carry and is merging.
– Eliminate the water loss by providing a reliable seal with the sealing system.

Advantages of the Sprinkler Pipes and Fittings

Sprinkler system pipes and fittings are based on a number of other advantages. These are as follow :
Sprinkler pipes and fittings are quite high if proper planning is done where there is water use efficiency also benefits the minimum water supply at a maximum water.
– Batter prevent erosion may occur on land with irrigation.
– Overall runoff does not occur because we were given a small amount of water in soil and ground water intake velocity close to the speed.
– The time of seed germination, soil slider eliminates soil on the plant to leave the case because binding.
– The possibility of quenching is controlled by sprinkler irrigation; ground water is high, where is the most appropriate irrigation methods drainage problem.
– Sprinkler pipes and fittings save time.
– Provides ease of Labour.
– There is no need for leveling on uneven farmland.
– The controls are done without raising the ground water irrigation.

The Placement Of The Sprinkler Irrigation Method Issues to Consider

– The main pipeline must first be placed in a certain direction that slope.
– Sprinkler and other facilities must be in proportion to the lateral inclination judges parallel to the contour.
– On the main line of lateral movement be organized to reflect the needs of the least labor.
– Laterals according to the severity of the wind should be placed with a steep angle.
– Facility system to be less than the rate of change in the number of titles in an easy and co-workers should be arranged in a square or rectangular lateral movement.
– The pipe size and composition of the system, the annual costs should be such as to minimize.
– If permitted by the facilities, will allow the selection of convenient and economical pipe diameters, pumping unit must be placed in the middle of the field.
– Droplets will fall during the hottest hours of the day made over watering plants or leaf burn may create hazards. Therefore, to be held in the sprinkler irrigation method should preferably be done in the cool hours.
– Windy is not suitable for irrigation of the Apostles. Irrigation in windy weather, which will be held on sprinkler irrigation for watering should be done in a balanced preferred.
– The more fields with the same water can be irrigated, increase in efficiency, reducing the drainage problem, the need to be leveled investment, due to the orientation of farmers to the cultivation of revenue growth in excess of product investment cost difference will pay for itself in a short time.
– Some plants sprinkler irrigation adversely affects pollination during flowering. It may also lead to fungal disease.
Where appropriate irrigation and appropriate irrigation method eliminates all these disadvantages.

Sprinkler Irrigation Systems Considerations in Operation and Maintenance

From installing pipes seals, clean the absolute seal channels.
– Fixed and semi-fixed system pressure test should be done then closed over the pipe.
– The fixed and semi-fixed system in winter pipes at least in the region lightweight 40, is buried in the area with at least 70cm.derinlig heavy.
– It should be done when the engine is electrically earthed. – Pipes should be careful not to touch the electric wires when transporting.
– Lateral and main piping system before you run a small flow must be filled with water, letting it must be ensured to be cleaned in a very short time by opening the pipeline.
– The pump suction pipe for entry of foreign matter and the clogging of filters or scrubbers breast filtering system should be installed.
– Lateral displacement of time must be determined.
– Sprinkler location status of latral according to wind conditions should be suitable for the distribution of well-adjusted.
– Sprinkler Irrigation System made the whole system with fertilizer drill should be washed thoroughly.
– Grease or other lubricants for the lubrication of pipes and sprinkler heads should be used.
– When the irrigation is finished by drying gaskets should be stored in a box.
– Water pipes should be drained at the end of the season in fixed systems.
– Pipes for easy disassembly and reassembly of the pipe joints and seals must be cleaned with soapy attaching each cloth.

Sprinkler Pipe Clamp Fittings

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