Steel Reınforced Corrugated Pıpe

Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe which are defined as the world’s largest drainage pipes, are three layers together with Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe and the standard is DIN 16961. All the features shared by all plastic pipes available on the market are a bit more in both a resistance and a metal reinforced pipe. Helical corrugated pipes, which have been used in Europe for many years, are manufactured from thermoplastic tape in a special machine spirally in the shape and length of the extrudate in the desired diameter. Its inner surface is smooth and its outer surface is profiled. Addition to the metal layer provides extra strength.

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Features of Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipes

Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe Wrap has based its feature and function of each floor in the Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe. The structure of the three layers is as follows;
1. Inner Layer: The inside layer of the Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe. Fluid passes through the liquid layer. High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) are produced from the material.
2. Middle Layer: this section is the section which provides the strength property pipe. Given special profile shape steel strips previously coated with adhesive material used.
3. Outer Layer: The outside of the pipe is protected against all kinds of parts for printing and strength.
2mm thick high density polyethylene (HDPE) made while using material. In relation to the effect of UV rays from sunlight is not affected by participating in the carbon black.

Application Area of Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe

Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe are described below uses for;

  • Infrastructure application
  • In the irrigation system
  • Sewer lines and residential connections
  • Rainwater
  • Drainage systems
  • Treatment plants

Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe Advantages

Thanks to its high strength rib strength thanks to polyethylene, its corrosion resistance, it can be easily transported with a service life of 50 years and is attractive and laying pipes in a short time.
– It shows high resistance to corrosion as it contains high density polyethylene.
– It is more resistant to compression loads at this load and prevents it from being distributed evenly on the pipe.
– It has a life span of more than 50 years against environmental effects.
– It shows less resistance to plastic fluid flow, it becomes smoother and fluid with a more fluid filling rate. This subdiameter group selects the project, pulling down the project cost.
– There is no loss to be experienced during the application. Furniture and early binding is easy.
– It is easy to apply and has a short assembly time and low labor costs. The construction equipment level has been reduced to a minimum.
– Due to fluid and soil, it is possible to puncture with high wear resistance and damage our wealth infrastructure.
– As it will occur on the floor during printing, it prevents the inward flexing from breaking completely.
– Earthquake refraction and other ground movements cannot be disabled.
– There is no harm in using the rivers, lakes and seas connection.
– Its maintenance and operating costs are very low.
– It does not require special flooring material.

Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe Testing and Test Procedure

In the manufacture of Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe to be used in raw materials and other materials that must be used and, after passing through a number of tests. Tests to be performed through during production engineers will increase the quality of production. TSE and ISO standards are appropriate to test these tests; These tests are ;
– Ring Stiffness
– MF Test
– Impact Resistance Testing
– Density Test
– Elongation Test
– Durability Test with Heat
– Leakage Test
– Length of Elongation Test

Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipe
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