Water Meter Box

Developed by our company, we continue to create solutions for our clients with stainless steel and plastic meter boxes underground. We have developed high strength shatterproof glass cabinet in the meter box with a field in the form of our ability while giving the meter reading; or IEC 529, VDE 0470 Part 1 In accordance with the standard; while the door is open : IP20 door is closed when : IP41 ( natural ventilation ) when the door is closed : IP54 ( Non) is manufactured to the standards. according to these standards dust and moisture are not allowed into our cabin because of being a protection counter.

With this product, the main water sources in the aftermath of a town or village street and the neighborhood of the apartment are taken under the control of the main inlet, and a water leakage control is provided. In Our systems also plastic valve and meter protection and carrying load capacity increased load custom sizes and products. Call for further information.