What are HDPE EF Fıttıngs?

Tools that help connect HDPE pipes together are called HDPE fittings. HDPE pipes used in many different areas need HDPE fittings to expand over time or have several different outlets. Additional parts increase the strength of the pipes and provide long life. Easily installed fittings help save money.

What are the Features of Hdpe Ef Fittings?

EF Couplers: It is an additional part used in the joints made by electrofusion method. Two pipes of the same diameter are inserted into this insert. With the current given to the resistances inside the fitting, both pipes are adhered to each other.

HDPE EF Service Te; This additional piece, whose raw material is PE 100, is used in liquid or gas infrastructure systems. Its most important feature is that it provides liquid or gas flow from a line to another direction. It is produced in accordance with the EF welding method. There are two types of EF Service Tee, EF Valved Service Tee and EF Valveless Service Tee.

HDPE Ef Equal Te; HDPE Ef Equal Te fitting, whose raw material is PE100, has the same diameter at all three ends. Connection is made using the electrofusion joining method. It is used for valve and branch connections at the main and intermediate line outlets that must be connected at right angles.

HDPE EF Inegal Te; HDPE EF İnegal Te insert, whose raw material is PE100 and means unequal TE, is used for the connection of HDPE pipes of different diameters and is joined by electrofusion method. This additional piece is used in valves and branches at the main and intermediate line outlets, as in HDPE Ef Equal Te.

HDPE Ef Blind Plug; Ef blind plugs, whose raw material is PE 100, are produced in accordance with the electrofusion method. These attachments are used to close the line. While choosing the plug, the diameter of the pipe should be considered and the appropriate one should be selected.

HDPE EF Elbows; Elbows produced from PE raw material are produced in accordance with the EF welding method, in accordance with the placement of resistances. Elbows are at various angles in accordance with the angles specified in the project and are used in the turns of the lines.

HDPE EF Saddle; Ef Semer TE, the raw material of which is PE100, is used to draw the direction of the fluid to the desired direction by making an outlet in the desired diameter without using the insert piece. EF Saddle, which is one of the biggest features of providing great convenience, is one of the most preferred attachments.

HDPE EF Reduction; It is used for joining HDPE PE100 pipes of two different diameters. Hdpe Pipes are joined by electrofusion welding method. This material, also known as HDPE electrofusion reduction reducer, is shipped in the most appropriate way with high quality standards.