What are the advantages of PVC pıpe?

Advantages of PVC pipe; which are easy to transport and install due to their lightness, do not spoil the taste of water, and do not create environments that allow microorganisms to reproduce. It is resistant to internal and external pressure. It is long-lasting and resistant to decay and corrosion. Pressure loss is low. Its surface is shiny and smooth. It is not flammable. It has high impact resistance.

It is fully compatible with pressurized attachments. Compared to other plastic materials, it is the most environmentally friendly pipe material among all plastic materials, since less oil is used in its production and less energy is consumed.
In addition, more importantly, since PVC raw material can be processed repeatedly as desired, environmental cleanliness is ensured as well as the continuation of its economic life. That is, to destroy the PVC pipe, it can be regenerated by burning it and reprocessing it instead of shredding it. With its high resistance to chemicals, it is suitable for all kinds of fluid transportation. In the table below, we can see that PVC pipes are in a very good condition against many chemicals and acids.

While PVC pipes are used in drinking water, waste water and sewage industrial facilities located in the infrastructure of cities and settlements, U-Pvc pipes are generally used in areas such as window frames, plumbing and draining. PVC pipes; It is resistant to high impacts, easy to transport, highly resistant to chemicals, resistant to internal and external pressure. It does not spoil the taste of the water. U-pvc pipes Rigid and durable; not flex; Safe for transport, drinking water, fire-proof, recyclable.

  • Sliding Sleeve,
  • Camel neck,
  • Jointed (Snap) Reduction,
  • Adapter (Male) Outer Pass,
  • Bolted Socket Necklace,
  • Gasket,
  • Plug-in Blind Plug,
  • Plug-in Bell TEs,
  • They are additional parts used in the attachment of Threaded TE PVC pipes with Plug-in Joints.

Thanks to its lightness, which is one of the features that distinguishes PVC plug-in socket pressure pipes from other pipes, they can be easily transported in all terrain conditions and can be assembled to each other more easily than other pipe types. Therefore, PVC plug-in flange pressure pipes and fittings have a wide usage network.
One of the most important issues to be considered during transportation and storage operations is that the ends of the pipe muffs do not touch the ground, To ensure this, support should be placed under the pipe bodies, The pipe should be closed against dirt and other foreign materials that may enter the pipe.
During transportation and storage, the pipes placed on top of each other should not be more than 1.5 meters in length and the muffed parts should not be contacted.