advantages of steel reınforced corrugated pıpes

Steel Reinforced Corrugated pipes with high strength due to high rib strength, corrosion resistance due to polyethylene, 50 years of service life, are easily transportable and attractive pipes for laying in a short time.

It has high resistance to corrosion due to its high density polyethylene raw material. flow rate. This reduces the project costs by selecting a lower diameter group in the project. There is no product loss during the application.
Laying and head fastening operations are easy. It is easy to apply, the assembly time is short and the labor cost is low. The level of construction equipment is reduced to a minimum. Due to its high abrasion resistance, pipes are punctured and the fluid inside is mixed with the soil and our infrastructure is damaged.

Tests to be carried out by engineers during production will increase the quality of production. These tests are in accordance with TSE and ISO standards; These tests are;
-Ring Registry Test,
-MFI Test,
-Impact Resistance Test,
-Density Test,
-Elongation at Break Test,
-Heat Resistance Test,
-Tightness Test,
-Elongation Test

Polyethylene (PE) is a soft, semi-permeable and white thermoplastic that is highly durable and used in a wide variety of products. It gets its name from the monomer ethylene. Polyethylene is produced using ethylene.
Polyethylene raw material, which is the most preferred product in its field due to its high performance and economy compared to other raw materials, as well as its long-lasting strength, is also used in spiral wound corrugated pipes.

For the pipe to be produced, high density polyethylene ratio (HDPE) and steel band adjustments are made according to its properties. The top of the steel bands is waiting to be glued beforehand. The tapes we will use are attached to the rollers and passed through the pressure rolls to give a profile shape, and the steel band is given a profile shape. After this shaping process is finished, the steel band entering the slope line takes its circular shape here.
This shape is also formed on the rib of the pipe. The slope line also adjusts the tension of the steel strip and provides a forward movement over the sliding profiles. The next production speed of the pipe is the same as the forward speed of the steel strip. The absence of any interruptions during production ensures that the same product continues at the same quality.
Covering the steel bands with polyethylene before spiral winding is a precaution that can be taken against corrosion. After the steel bands are sliced ​​in different widths for each diameter, the surface is cleaned and coated with a special adhesive material coming out of the extruder.