hdpe pıpes methods of joınıng or fıttıngs

Hdpe pipe joining methods are connected to each other by melting or with mechanical fittings. For pipes other than polyethylene, various fittings, flanges or transition adapters developed for the purpose can be connected.
Known bonding methods for PE materials;
1) Electrofusion (EF),
2) Butt-fusion (Butt Weld)
3) Socket Weld
4) Flange Connection

In this Hdpe pipe joining methods made with an Electrofusion Welding Machine, a certain part is melted and fusion is made by heating the copper wires in the parts by giving electricity.
Pipes from 20 mm to 1200 mm can be welded. only pipes made of the same raw material can be welded.
The area to be welded must be protected from bad weather conditions. The temperature of the environment should be between 5°-50°. Electrofusion welding method is performed in accordance with DVS 2207 standard.

Before welding, it should be checked whether the pipe mouth makes a right angle with its own axis. If there is no right angle, its mouth should be cut and it should be made to form a right angle with its own axis.
• The pipe surface to which the electrofusion coupling will be attached should be marked. Weld length should generally be half of the sleeve length. The marked cut should be excavated with the scraping apparatus in such a way that it will not oxidize.
• After scraping, it should never be touched and protected from adverse weather conditions. The coupling is attached to the pipe, and if necessary, the system is fixed with a clamp.
• The cables on the electrofusion welding machine are plugged into the sockets on the sleeve. The barcode value on the cuff is entered on the machine. Then, welding is performed by applying tension to the coupling socket ends. In order to remove the clamps, the cooling process is expected to take place.
• Labor is a more important issue than the quality of the pipe in the laying process of polyethylene pipes. In particular, the certificate and reference of the welder who will perform the welding process is important, but it should also be audited.

  • It is possible to get direct output from the main pipe by using the electrofusion method.
    • Pipes are easy to repair.
    • It is easily applied even in very narrow areas.
    • Does not require much excavation and filling.