What are the steel reınforced corrugated pıpe joınıng methods?

Electrofusion Welding Method and Shrink Sleeve Method are used. Shrink Sleeve Method ; In the joints made with this method, full sealing is ensured and it is used in pipes smaller than 1000 mm. The shrink sleeve is passed to the junction of the two pipes and heated with a heater to cover the pipe.

Electrofusion Welding Method; In the pipes to be joined, the fixing part is centered from the inside and the EF is made ready for welding.
Before using EF Tape, the welded surfaces of the pipes are cleaned, then the wrapping process is carried out between the ribs and over the joints, and fixed to the pipe with special apparatus. An important note about EF source is; It is the adjustment of the EF welding machine according to the pipe diameter.

Steel Reinforced Corrugated pipes are one of the most important conditions in transportation and stocking, being light and easy to carry, as well as being resistant to impacts. Therefore, it is not possible to give any waste during the transportation and stocking process.
Due to its lightness, it can be put together and stored and transported. It should be free from sharp stones and rocks in the stock area. The transport vehicle should be kept clean and there should be no sharp stones and hard objects. It should not be held with hard objects during transportation.
Steel Reinforced Corrugated Pipes should be kept in environments where the sun’s rays are as low as possible and should even be stored in covered areas. In such an environment, long-term storage is possible. Pipes should not be stored for a long time in a completely closed environment and in hot weather conditions.
During the loading of the transport vehicle, when the height increases, excessive tensioning is applied, especially when connecting the pipe. Damage to the pipe should be prevented. Sharp suspension ropes should not be used in the transports to be made with the construction machine. Hard hitting should not be done.