In this system used, all parts from the main pipe to the laterals can be transported. The advantage of this system is that it can go from one place to another, and the irrigation system should continue in the same place where the transportation process is made.

It is the most used sprinkler irrigation system in the world, where the main pipe is buried in the soil and other portable laterals can be transported. It is used for irrigation of meadows, pastures, vegetables and orchards

In the sprinkler irrigation system, which is used extensively in citrus fruits, orchards and continuous meadows, the main pipe and laterals are buried under the ground, fixed and cannot be moved in any way.

Water source, pump unit, pipelines, sprinkler heads, connection fittings are the most important elements for getting efficiency in sprinkler irrigation systems.

Its service life is long. It is unbreakable and resistant to impacts. It is easy and safe to use and ideal for seasonal and permanent planting.
That; since it is given to the soil in fine particles as in the rain; It provides an increase of 20-50% in crop yield compared to other irrigation methods and increases the quality. It shows high resistance to corrosion. In long-distance, large-area applications, pressure loss is at the minimum level due to its smooth and inner surface. It is not affected by sunlight. It is highly resistant to continuous collection and paving.
It is the most ideal irrigation system in shallow (shallow) permeable soils. It is highly resistant to microorganisms and rodents. It easily adapts to any terrain. Particularly in places close to the sea, salt particles, dust and harmful pests left on the plants by the salty water carried by the wind can be washed by sprinkling. It is light to carry and easy to assemble. It eliminates water losses by providing impermeability with its reliable gasket system.