What should be consıdered ın the process of combınıng drıp ırrıgatıon?

Drip Irrigation Pipes should be washed regularly. If necessary, chemical improvers should be added to the irrigation water. The main drip pipes should be clean before installation. The line ends of the pipes should be kept closed during the installation.
At the end of the fertilization process, water is given to the irrigation system for at least 30 minutes to clean the system. Using fertilizers that do not dissolve completely and easily in water may cause clogging of the drippers. Fertilization should be done after the irrigation system has reached the working pressure. Product collection containers, hand tools should not be used in a way that will damage the drip pipes and should not be left on the pipe.

Providing irrigation for long distances; Compared to round drip water pipes, it is a pipe with a thinner wall thickness and flatter drippers. The use of flat drip pipes, which are preferred over round type drip irrigation pipes due to their low installation cost and the advantage of flow homogeneity, has also started to spread throughout the world in recent years.

Flat drip irrigation pipes with diameters of 16-17-20 and 22 mm, dripping 1.6 and 2.2 liters of water per hour, with a wall thickness of 6 to 24 miles, reach consumers. As a precaution for the water resources that are decreasing every year due to the global warming that the world has been experiencing recently, the use of drip water pipes should be given special attention and millions of cubic meters of water should be prevented from being wasted every year.

It is produced from high quality polypropylene raw material resistant to impacts. It is used in Ø17 mm, Ø22 mm seamless flat drip irrigation pipes. For outlet with grommet gasket, the pipe should be drilled with a hole diameter of 16mm or 20mm depending on the product type with grommet gasket to be used.
Gasketless Outlet is used to get an outlet from Layflat and Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Pipes (Straight Drip Irrigation Pipe) to Ø17 mm and Ø22 mm Flat Drip Irrigation Pipes. To get an outlet with a Gasketless Spout, the pipe must be drilled with a hole diameter of 8 mm. Since it is impermeable to UV rays, it does not allow algae and bacterial growth. Its inner surfaces are homogeneous and non-porous. It does not contain any foreign substance that can change the smell and taste of water.