The most commonly used pipe types in natural gas lines are PE 80 and PE100 pipes. With its reliability and quality, Pe80 pipes are the most preferred pipe type worldwide.

PE80 pipes, which require advanced technology and very fine work, are of vital importance and should not be mistaken in order not to risk human life. For this reason, polyethylene shows high resistance to impact even at very low temperatures, and therefore ensures widespread use in distribution lines of a very important resource such as natural gas.

Polyethylene natural gas pipes are produced in accordance with TS 10827, ISO 4437 and EN 1555 standards and the pipe production range is Ø25-500 mm.

It shows high strength. It has high impact resistance. It is not affected by earthquakes due to its elastic structure.
It maintains its elastic properties even when temperatures drop to -40 °C. There is no corrosion due to the fluid inside and the soil structure outside. It is resistant to abrasion. The gas flow can be prevented and the pipe can be repaired.
Thanks to the coil windings , there are not many welding points in the pipes . For this reason, the risk of the connection area is minimized. Since the joining process is made with the EF welding method, it does not leak gas in any way. The assembly process is easy.