Pipe Welding Service

Kuzeyboru is certified, it took  years of manufacturing and project staff gained experience with solutions, to help our customers. Any special project, iller Bank projects, Special Administrative projects, municipal projects, plastic pipe welding and other public agency and any special applications you can take advantage of our service by calling us.

Our services are conducted in accordance with welding standards 13067 TS. These services at the same time, efficient with our experienced staff provides the possibility of project implementation. The project most powerful and high-efficient a manner as to be completed in due time and in a heap unforeseen expenses savings from our customers has enjoyed.

How is Hdpe Pipe most commonly joined ?

Electrofusion welding method is a type of welding made by heating and melting the material by resisting electricity. Electrofusion parts inside the fusion welding allow the pipes to be connected. The most important thing to know in this welding method is that the pipes are dry. Boiling does not occur in the wet pipe. If there is any remaining water in the pipe, it should also be cleaned.

During the welding process, care should be taken to ensure that the couplings fit each other perfectly. It must not be warped or damaged.Several machines and equipment are used in electrofusion welding.

Electrofusion Welding Unit: It is produced with computer control. The machine is controlled by microprocessors.
Pipe Scrapers: They are equipment of different types and sizes used to scrape layers such as oxide layer, oil, dirt and moisture that may form on the pipe surfaces over time and adversely affect the weldability.
Pipe Cutting Apparatus: They are tools for cutting the ends of long or not properly cut pipes per the welding process.
Clamp Set: It is used to eliminate the ovality of the pipes and to prevent the stresses that may occur during welding.

Kuzeyboru, who is with you from the beginning to the end of the project, is with you in the Electrofusion welding process. You can get resource support by calling our hotline +90 382 266 23 03 right away.

How do you butt welding?

Hdpe pipe butt welding is a connection method that occurs as a result of joining pipes and fittings of the same diameter and wall thickness on the buttock. The mouth parts of the pieces are shaved and heated depending on the melting temperature. It is then glued to the forehead. In this butt welding method, temperature and time are issues to be considered. The butt is pressed on the weld with a certain pressure, waited at zero pressure and joined.

Butt welding pressure, temperature and time must be carefully adjusted for the successful execution of the butt welding method. The connection made has at least the strength of the original pipe.

Butt Welding Procedure: Bonding – Unpressurized heating – Heater removal – Joining – Cooling

What is the lifespan of Hdpe Pipes?

The life of Hdpe Pipe is 100 years. PIPA (Plastic Industry Pipe Association) and Plastic Pipe Institute (PPI) researched the service life of Hdpe Pipes and presented reports on it. In PIPA’s research on this subject; “The known 50-year lifetime of plastic piping systems is an incorrect assumption. It is reasonable to expect these piping systems to last 100 years or more.” stated. Infrastructure piping systems that are manufactured and assembled correctly are expected to take more than 100 years.

What is the chemical, impact and water resistance of Hdpe Pipes?

Kuzeyboru Hdpe Pipes is the pipe type with the highest impact resistance among infrastructure systems. HDPE Pipe, which maintains this feature even at low temperatures, is one of the reasons for preference.
Kuzeyboru Hdpe Pipes show high resistance to chemicals. You can use it safely in your projects with its resistance to chemical products and solvents.
Water and humidity do not affect Hdpe Pipes. Hdpe Pipes, which is the most preferred infrastructure system in underwater projects, are used in fresh and salt water applications.