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HDPE Pipes

HDPE pipes and HDPE fittings are high density polyethylene produced from raw material  municipal, industrial, Maritime issues, mining, storage, channel, and agricultural practices such as the large solution in the range are used. HDPE pipe is strong, durable, flexible and lightweight. Unique features and cost in terms of concrete, steel, Pvc pipe, HDPE pipes and HDPE fittings are  the best options according to application.

Drinking water, compressed gas systems, sewage pipe systems, irrigation and landscaping pipes , telekominasyon pipes , storage , channel, which most widely used in the field of Agriculture and pipes high density polyethylene pipes, corrosion, abrasion and chemical resistance to a high resistance.

Other raw materials in their field according to the types of high performance and affordability, as well as long-lasting product which is the most preferred polyethylene pipe due to resistance to a life of minimum 50 years, 100 th of 20 ° C flow temperature is valid. HDPE pipes are manufactured by KUZEYBORU in Turkey and shipped all over the world.

More information is provided in HDPE size chart.

Corrugated Pipes

PVC Corrugated pipes and Spiral corrugated pipe in sewage systems has high resistance to the resistance against abrasion and chemical show, storm water drainage lines, used in industrial waste water systems and handling systems.

HDPE Corrugated Pipes are lightweight and with a heavy force against shocks and equipment which require durability. Lightweight and long lasting durability with a heavy force against shocks and equipment which is required. And non-deformed due to be hdpe flexible corrugated pipes are also very important in terms of utilization of advantages.

For PVC Corrugated Pipe and Spiral corrugated Pipes, these days one of the biggest problem is global warming, along with the increasing environmental pollution and the increasing awareness of the carriage of waste, especially lately corrugated pipeline within occurring or environment consisting of resistance against chemicals, long life, ease of installation, maintenance, repairs and compliance with environmental protection ensured by sealing and  the use of corrugated pipes has been increased because of the resistance  spreading rapidly.

PVC Pipes

PVC Pipe in TS 274-2 at EN 1452-2 standards produced on request PVC water pipes DIN 8061-8062 in various diameter and PVC Pipes with Muff and Rubber Ring and And PVC Pipe with glue ASTM 1477 standard, it can be produced in the appropriate thickness according to the safety factor. 

PVC Pipes can be used the sewage network in the discharge lines and pool systems with PVC Pipe, underground and over-pressure water transport systems, irrigation systems, pressurized water networks, Used in electrical and communication systems, chemical and industrial plants, sewage, waste water and waste materials are used in the discharge system.

That sudden weather changes and high resistance to hot PVC pipes for water which is  airtight and durable. PVC pipes show high resistance to impact and pressure resistant to organic and inorganic acids and alkalis.

Also PVC Pipes at 60 ° C up to an important feature is a non deformed also it harbors.

Corrugated Spiral Pipes

Corrugated Spiral Pipes -Corrugated HDPE pipes - Large Diameter Corrugated pipes produced from 200mm to 2600 mm nominal diameter as SN12,5 SN16 and SN10 SN4 SN8 ring stiffness values. Corrugated Spiral Large Diamater Pipes due to the high strength over the strength of the ribs and polyethylene corrosion resistance shows complete sealing. 

Spiral Corrugated Pipes; Application infrastructure, irrigation systems, sewerage lines, household connections, storm water and industrial applications, has a wide network such as drainage systems and treatment plants. Spiral Corrugated Pipes due to the special design of the outer surface which is resistant to heavy traffic loads.

Better quality and more durable spiral corrugated pipes - larger diameter pipes with high strength and light weight is also easily transported and installed quickly. Installation time is reduced. Assembly costs are reduced of Larger diameter corrugated pipes. With low coefficient of friction does not generate sludge and debris in the tube.

Telecommunication Pipes

Telecommunication Pipes are being used more by communicating every day we think it will further advance the technology for many years and meet all international standards Corrugated Cable Protection Pipes TS EN 12132 standards that will be in our lives as Telecommunication Pipes.

Corrugated Telecommunication Pipes manufactured according to customer's request the production of cable casing pipes and HDPE cable casing as straight or coils. Cable Casing Pipes - Corrugated Telecommunication Pipes ; high strength, high abrasion resistance and high chemical resistance, impact and realizes abrasion resistance.

The transportation because it is lightweight and easy to lay the pipes is lower cost than other pipes economically. The carriage of Corrugated Cable Casing Pipes because it is lightweight and easy to lay the pipes is economical than other pipes.You can contact us for our Double Wall Cable Protection Pipe price list and technical question. Cable protection pipes it is resistant to environmental conditions and subterranean applications and is flexible.

Perforated Pipes

A couple of perforated pipes, consists of product types. Two perforated and slotted pipes as a group according to area of use can be produced. HDPE and PVC are Manufactured from raw materials, perforated pipes in terms of use and the details of the project by considering engineering calculations can be made and the amount of holes and the diameter of the hole of the slit width can be produced according to variables such as the amount.Perforeated pipe under the ground has a long life and For PVC drainage pipe light areas are preferred because it more simply provides ease of laying. It is also economical as it provides the convenience of a projects cost. Ease of flooring.

Corrugated perforated pipe, PVC perforeted pipe ,hdpe perforated pipe, are divided into three groups and then produced. Usually when using the building's Foundation drainage systems Pvc drainage pipes, corrugated pipes are used in areas such as Marsh Creek Edition, low transport, solid waste facilities, and the upper perforated polyethylene pipes are used in areas where pressure is high. You can click the link for price lists.