Corrugated Pipes

Corrugated Pipe and Specifications

Corrugated pipes used for many years in the leading European countries, the US and Japan; having a high compressive strength and are serrated outer tube having rounded appearance. EN 13476-1 and DIN 16961-16566 made according to standard hdpe corrugated pipe production along with developing technologies in all new projects now being used intensively. Twin Wall corrugated pipe  usually are used to transport the waste water and sewage is one of the biggest reasons for preferring the high strength and economy. Rib system on the outer surface of the corrugated pipe is used to improve resistance to external pressure pipe. Referring to other plastic pipes chemical resistance is one of the most important characteristics of corrugated tubes, our pipe is resistant to abrasion and high chemical resistance.

Corrugated Pipe Application Area

Infrastructure application
- In the irrigation system
- Sewer lines and residential connections
- Rainwater
- Industrial Applications
- Drainage systems
- Treatment plants
- Gravity is used in water transport system.
Characteristics of Corrugated Pipe
Corrugated Pipes; high strength due to the high rib strength, the corrosion resistance due to polyethylene, the full sealing, 50-year life, wear-resistant organic composition, smooth inner surface, easily transportable and are pipes laid in a short time.
If we examine substances;
- Corrugated Pipe Provides excellent resistance to high resistance abrasion and chemicals.
- Thanks to exterior design and ribs which are resistant to heavy loads. Corrugated Pipe Impact is a tube with the highest strength against load and ground movement. 
- Liquefaction of the soil beneath the underground water pipes, known in history against the resulting strain and stress is the strength of the pipe.
- Corrugated pipes are lightweight, easily transportable because of this structure is no need for special equipment and manpower, with up to a certain diameter.
- Hdpe Corrugated Pipe it has an Easy bonding method, they are conjugating the vet to muffle the gasket sealing sleeve.
- Hdpe Corrugated Pipe has a sealing up to 0.5 bar pressure.
- Hdpe Corrugated Pipe provides repair and maintenance.
- Interior surfaces can be produced in any color.
- Polyethylene corrugated pipes feature should fulfill its function for many years without being affected by environmental conditions. Polyethylene is one of the most important feature; Corrugated pipe land is flexible to move even against earthquakes. They remain wear is dominant against chemical raw material. Friction losses are minimized and will not corrode. Corrugated plastic pipe is economical; transportation, labor and time savings due to years of life can continue to seamlessly twin wall corrugated pipe have been an economical and indispensable option.

Specifications of Corrugated Pipe

Technical Specification



Test Method

Density (23 oC)


0,950 - 0,960

ISO 1183

Melt Flow Rate (MFR) at 190 ° C - 5,0kg

g/10 dak.

0,4 – 0,7


Elongation at Break



ISO 527-2/1B/50, TS1398

Stress at Yield Strength



ISO 527-2/1B/50, TS1398

Elastic Module



ISO 527-2/1B/50, TS1398

Amount of Black Carbon



ISO 6964


Shore D


ISO 868

thermal Stability



EN 728

Vicat Softening Temperature




Temperature Fragility



ASTM D-746

Thermal conductivity (20 ° C)



DIN 52612

Thermal conductivity (150 °C)



DIN 52612

ESRC (50°C’de), F50



ASTM D-1693

Advantages of Corrugated Pipes:

Corrugated Pipe of fabricaton and spiral wound structure because Corrugated Pipe provides more durable and high quality production. Due to the smooth flow rate for the high corrugated pipes allows the transmission fluid in the smaller pipe diameter. 
- Also because of large diameters corrugated Pipes low coefficient of friction does not create sediment and debris in the corrugated Pipe.
- Crack and impact resistance is excellent.
- Has the shape of multiple coupling facilitates project.
- On-site due to the presence of carbon black are not affected by UV rays.
- Consolidation project implementation will be done in place.
- Inner part made up for the production of polyethylene and shows high resistance to abrasion.
- Because Corrugated Pipe's high strength Hdpe Corrugated Pipe is Easy to carry ,laid quickly, Maintenance, transport, labor and installation are economical. Operating costs are low. Other pe corrugated pipe laying in the cost of the lowest.

Sealing of Joints

Hdpe Corrugated Pipe trunking operation is done in two ways, as we will explain them below.
These are: Muffle the binding process with the welded or gasketed. System structure of the joints should not leak.
Sealing issue is actually a very important issue that needs to be deducted and should be the top priority for us.
-Because the leak takes place will be interfering in our place under water leaking sewage pipes and will begin to disappear from our underground wealth.


Corrugated Pipe

İnterior diamter

Output at 100% full flow

Full Flow at 60%

İnterior diamter

Output at 100% full flow

Full Flow at 60%































Fluidity Feature:

The smooth inner surface imparts high fluidity speed. Sediment in the corrugated pipe does not occur. Complete sealing is provided.

Hydraulic Calculation:

It is calculated according to ATV-110 standards.

Pipe Diameter Chart:

corrugated pipe

DN 200 - DN 1200 Slope, Flow, Diameter, Speed Chart

Corrugated pipe raw material and specifications

Sewer pipes is a product produced from polypropylene and polyethylene materials within the Polyolefin group. Produced up to Ø450 mm diameter corrugated pipe; polyethylene and polypropylene manufactured from raw materials, coiled corrugated pipe are manufactured from polyethylene. More is preferred because the same wall thickness polypropylene ring strength value is higher. The rolling method with Ø500 mm and pipe diameter are produced on. Divided into three main groups according to their percent Polyethylene density and crystalline structure;

Low density polyethylene raw material (LDPE)
• Medium density polyethylene raw materials (MDPE)
High density polyethylene raw materials (HDPE)
High density polyethylene is most closely chemically pure polyethylene. HDPE has very good chemical resistance to many chemicals and solvents.
The most preferred that the products associated with detailed information about Polyethylene HDPE Pipe and Fittings page, RAW MATERIAL OF POLYETHYLENE find all the details about the polyethylene under PIPE title and the formation of high performance compared to other raw materials species in their field and as the economy as due to the long lasting strength until you can find a detailed information about the duration.
1st type : Polypropylene homopolymer: molecules produced from propylene and ethylene are no contributions. Therefore, due to the soft bag with soft polypropylene homopolymer used in the production of materials such as plastic bags.
2nd type: Bloco Polypropylene Copolymer: Ethylene contribution of (3%), are raw materials. Mukavvemet the temperature of the raw materials is used in the production of the plastic pipe for use only in cold water lines is lower.
3rd type: Polypropylene Random Copolymer: Again, that is a raw material ethylene contribution. The amount of ethylene is between 3-7%. 4 Application areas are places where there is high pressure and temperature values much higher. All details relating to polypropylene raw material propylene molecule derived from substances naphte end obtain larger molecules by adding end so obtained by polymerization of a white material, the formation of the information regards the time until the use PPRC Pipe and the Fittings page "polypropylene feedstock and PROPERTIES "you will find under.


Test Name

Test Method


Test result


EN ISO 1183


≥ 930

Mass Melt Flow Rate Test

EN ISO 1133

gr./10 dak.

≤ 1,6


EN 743 (METOD B)



Thermal Testing

ISO 12091



Ring Flexibility

EN 1446



Circle Stiffness

EN ISO 9969


≥SN Value

Impact Strength

EN 744



Leakage Test (0,5 bar 15 dak.)

EN 1053



Thermal stability (OIT) (200 °C)

EN 728


≥ 20

Corugated Pipes Technical Table

d min.
h 1 min
h2 min.
SN 4147 174 15,21,0 1,39,6 1617619296
SN 814517415,211,59,616
SN 419722819,01,11,512 16231247 103
SN 8195228191,61,91216
SN 4 / SN 824728821,81,51,813,7 16291309118
 SN 4297340 25,41,7216,016344 364157
SN 829434025,41,72,51616
SN 434640430,522,31816408428166
SN 834340430,522,81816
SN 439645638,12,32,524,716463483176
SN 839245638,12,33,524,716
 SN 444451543,52,5 2,829,2 16522542202
SN 844151543,52,53,529,216
SN 449357250,833,533,016579598220
SN 849057250,834,53316
SN 459168860,93,544416670700246
SN 858868860,93,554416
SN 4688837101,644,562,016   
SN 8685837101,6466216805835327

FIG: showing the amount of corrosion of Corrugated Pipe made of different materials graphics. (Source: University of Darmstadt test results)
This chart also on the inner surface of the pipe made of PE material, as seen in the first test cycle is only 0.09 mm 100,000. Wear realized.


Corrugated pipes is lightweight and easy to be moved at the same time be resistant to shocks to most important cases in transportation and warehousing. Therefore there is no leakage during transportation and storage to the process is not mentioned. Putting because twin wall corrugated pipe is intertwined with the light can be storage and shipping.
-Other Of potential problems to live in one of the pipes in the storage area cleaning is important Corrugated Pipes. Sharp stones and should be free of rocks in the stock area.
In -Shipping tool should not still be kept clean and sharp stones and hard objects. During the transport process it should not be covered with hard objects. Corrugated pipes as the sun's rays should be kept in an low and maintained environment  even in areas covered possible. Possible to make long-term storage in such an environment.
Corrugated Pipes in a completely closed environment and warm weather should not be kept for longer term. Be careful not to muffle the bell on the part of the pipe during storage. Stacking because they are flammable raw materials should be observed while performing safety regulations. Shipping time increased with altitude during installation tool especially made excessive stretching should be avoided while connecting to damage the pipe. Which will be held in the transport and construction equipment should not be used suspension rope sharp.
- If the installation is done with folklift if your feet should be kept high. Should not be hit hardly
Pipes should not be rigid while transferring it from one place to other. Infact it should be rolled on the ground so that it does not get affected.


Trench Width: Paying attention to soil conditions in the area size is required to compress the assembly and filler material is sufficient. Standard for Corrugated Pipe trench widths are set forth in the table below.
D < 200 to 600 mm 
200 < D < 600 to D+400 mm. 
600 < D < 1200 to D+500 mm.

Information about the picture shown above:

Upper class: Uncompressed landfill. (Excluding Road Crossings)
LAYER SHIRT         : Free from hard objects, compressed soil.
LAYER PILLOW: Compacted sand.
Hustler: The distance between the upper elevations of the pipe and the ground (mm) (maximum of 50 cm. Should be)
b: Trench Width (mm)
Y: Cushion layer height (mm)
DN: Pipe outside diameter (mm)
A free flow non-pressure sewer system is concerned. However, they are exposed to external loads for laying underground. Hdpe Corrugated pipes are designed to withstand such loads respectively. Therefore, the influence of external loads such as ground and traffic loads gains importance.
Some rules to be followed in laying pipes under the soil made the waste water sewerage system implementation is concerned.
Corrugated pipes fittings excavated channel in order to give many years of trouble-free service held in underground applications; channel around the filling pipe must be made of compression in layers not to be poor. In particular to be filled with the filler pipe gold it is very important.
If the filling process is best done properly, traffic and soil load of pipe from the pipe partially fill transfered, it performs during the life of the mission smoothly. Due to space compression will occur if the pipe is well done, exposure to crash risk can not be transferred to other forces that may occur on the load. 

Corrugated Pipe Chemical Resistance Chart:

Chemical name


20° C

60 °C



Less Resistence

Non -Resistent


Little resistent



100 +       +  

Acetic acid

60 +     +    

Acetic Acid

96 +       +  

Acetic Anhydride

100 +       +  
Acetone 100   +     +  
Ally Alcohol 96 +     +    
Ammonium hydroxide 10 +     +    
Ammonium hydroxide 30 +     +    
Amyl acetate 100   +     +  
Amyl Alcohol 100 +       +  
Aniline 100 +       +  
Antimony Chloride 90 +     +    
Asorbic Acid 10 +     +    
Benzaldehyde 100 +       +  
Benzene 100   +     +  
Benzybulphonic Acid 10 +     +    
Bleach Lye 10 +     +    
Butandiol 100 +     +    
Butane gas 100 +     +    
Butanol 100 +     +    
Butyl acetate 100 +       +  
Butyl alcohol 100 +     +    
Butylene glycol 100 +     +    
Butyric acid 100 +       +  
Calcium Bromate 10 +     +    
Calcium Chromate 40 +     +    
Calcium Carbonate   +     +    
Calcium nitrate   +     +    
Calcium Oxide   +     +    
Cyclohexariol 100 +       +  
Decahydronaphthalena 100 +       +  
Dichloropropylene       +     +
Detergents synthetic   +     +    
Dioxan 100 +     +    
Ethandlol 100 +     +    
Ethanol 40 +       +  
Ethanol 96     +   +  
Ethyl Alcohol 35 +     +    
Ethyl Alcohol 100 +     +    
Fuorine gaz 100 +         +
Formaldehyde 40 +     +    
Formic Asic 98 +     +    
Gasoline     +     +  
Gelatine   +     +    
Glycerine 100 +     +    
Glycerol 100 +     +    
n-Heptan 100   +       +
Hydrobromic Asic 50 +     +    

Joining Methods

The methods used in the bonding process of the corrugated pipe:
- Muffle Sealed
- Sealed Sleeve
- Electrofusion Welding is Method.
Sealing method, by fitting the groove on the outer surface of pipe joints is a method by treating the appropriate inserts.

Electrofusion Welding Method

According to the diameter and length of each different, some will be merged with the pipe made of polyethylene tape coated with EF and EF is implemented using copper wire welding machine. Centering on the inside with a piece of pipe to be made in fixing the merge process is ready to EFE sources. Belt use EF to clean the surface of the pipes will be welded later before proceeding with the winding process is performed and the ribs are fixed to the pipe and coupling place between them via a special apparatus.

After allowed to cool EF supply corrugated pipes. With regard to sealing the welded manually required machine from the pipe inner surface. Thus, the seal is eliminated danger. Another important note regarding the EF welding; The settings of the EF welding machine according to the pipe diameter. Thus, the seal is eliminated danger. Another important note regarding the EF welding; The settings of the EF welding machine according to the pipe diameter. This coupling method is normally used in making corrugated drain pipe used even at 4 bar under pressure of 0.5 bar. Thus, the increase in pressure encountered in rainfall has turned into flood without damage from leaking pipes and welds will continue to work.


Corrugated Socketed Connector

Corrugated Muffle the Elbow 45

Corrugated Muffle the Elbow 90

Corrugated Sleeve

Corrugated Without Muff TE

Corrugated Reduction Socketed

Corrugated Muffle TE

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